Founders Trust News - July 2018

We have had another amazing year at Cecil Grant Founder’s Trust (CGFT) thanks to the continuing generous support of our St George’s families. Last year we had a record 87% sign up to our charity from new families joining our school community in September 2016. While there were not as many new sign ups in September 2017, many families increased their donation, making it a net increase for the year. For the year ending April 2018, we received a total, inclusive of Gift Aid, of £149,000 (compared to £141,991 for year ending April 2017).

The Founder’s Trust donated £143,012 to the School to April 2018. This included £40,000 to replace computers in the Maths Department, LRC, SEN and GR15. For this coming year support of curriculum books and on-line resources has increased to £65,000. This is a huge area of expenditure for the school, especially with the introduction of the new style curriculum that means of course that all textbooks have had to be replaced. The CGFT also pays for on-line curriculum support subscriptions, calendars and Prep Books. Did you know we also fund Induction Day? – That’s nearly £2500. And those Reports which you receive about your child? We pay for the printing of those too.

Thank you so much to everyone that donates – take a bow! The trust is working hard to achieve a similar result for the year ending April 2019, but need your continued support to do this. We welcome all donations, and they really do make a massive difference to the School, CGFT used to support the ‘nice to haves’ – these days we pay for the essentials. We couldn’t do it without you.

Last year, in memory of Cecil Grant, the founding headmaster, we introduced 2 new prizes, awarded to 2 members of staff, in recognition of exceptional pastoral care, above and beyond that which is expected. The senior leadership team made their selection based on staff nominations. Anna Crane, Pastoral Support Manager, and Nina Fox, teacher and tutor, were chosen. This is an annual prize, as a token of appreciation for the hardworking staff at St George’s, and we wait with baited breath to see who will be chosen this year. Though we do not envy the decision makers, as there are so many hard working staff members at St George’s.

The St George’s Summer Fete rolled around very quickly, and it was blessed with fair weather again. The Fete is one of the opportunities for CGFT Trustees to get involved with school life, and chat to anyone that would like to know more about what we do. This year the Trustees ran a ‘Guess the Staff Member’ baby photo competition – in our opinion utterly impossible, to the extent that somebody’s husband didn’t even recognise them! However a group of students put their heads together, got 100% correct and won a £30 Jack Wills voucher – teamwork obviously pays off! We have been asked if the Dog Show will return at some point, so watch this space……. Did you guess this little girls identity correctly?

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