Founders Trust News - July 2017

We have had a fabulous year at Cecil Grant Founder’s Trust thanks to the generous contributions of our St George’s families. We had a record 87% sign up to the Trust from new families joining our school community in September 2016. For the year ending April 2017, we received a total, inclusive of Gift Aid, of £141,991 (compared to £137,136 for year ending April 2016). The Trust donated £135,000 to the School last year (to April 2017), but has also just agreed to donate an extra £13,000, which will go towards the purchase of a second set of 16 iPads in a charging trolley, and 3 further interactive whiteboards. This is on top of over £40,000 for curriculum books, £40,000 ICT funding,

£2799 for high specification microscopes, as well on-line curriculum support subscriptions, calendars and Prep Books, amongst others.

Thank you so much to everyone that donates. The trust is working hard to achieve a similar result for year ending April 2018, but need your continued support to do this.

We welcome all donations, and they really do make a massive difference to the School, especially in these straitened times of education cutbacks.


This year the Founder’s Trust has introduced 2 new prizes, awarded to 2 members of staff (one teaching, and one support), in recognition of Exceptional Pastoral Care, above and beyond that which is expected. The senior leadership team will make their selection based on staff nominations. This will be an annual prize, as a token of appreciation for the hardworking staff at St George’s.


Mr Storrie showing steely determination


One of the opportunities for the CGFT Trustees to get involved with school life is the St George’s Summer Fete. This year the Trustees ran a Go Kart event and it was a big hit! There was an opportunity for a warm up lap or two, before the enthusiastic participants were unleashed on the obstacle track. Two timed laps were recorded, with scores kept  on our Leader Board à la ‘Top Gear’. There was a rush of eager competitors as Mr  Storrie took the lead, and he held it for quite a while, but in the end 8 year old Tom Fox was the overall winner.  Good fun was had by all, and a very big thank you to Neil  Caisley, a fellow Trustee, who donated the use of the Pedal Cars.

After the success of the Go Karts this year we are looking to up our game again next year, so watch this space!


Jane Hyman, Trustee of CGFT and on behalf of the CGFT Trustees, July 2017

A note received from the Jennings Family

" Our son has now left St George's School which means that our time with the school has come to an end after a productive decade.

In that time we have seen the teaching materials and improvements provided as part of the Founder's Trust's many contributions, and we are grateful for all your efforts on behalf of the school.

Whilst our regular contributions will now come to an end, we will make a larger contribution in September as a token of our appreciation".


Reproduced with kind permission of the Jennings family. 

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