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“ We have had another steady year thanks to the generous contributions of our St George’s families. For the year ending April 2016, we received a total, inclusive of Gift Aid of £137,136 (compared to £134,654 for year ending April 2015) and we have donated the full £137000 to the School including a sum of £22,000 towards the new Wi-Fi system and £40,000 towards new computers.

We expect an even better year ending April 2017 given the large number of new families who have signed up to donate.

Thank you, we welcome all donations and they really do make a massive difference to the School, especially in these difficult times of education cutbacks.”

Niki Kirby, December 2016



One of the opportunities for the Chair, Niki Kirby, and the other Trustees to get involved with school life is the Founder’s and Benefactors’ Day. This year the Trustees ran a dog agility event and about 30 dogs, of all shapes and sizes, participated. Dogs  took turns to complete the course against the clock, including hurdles,  a  tunnel  and  slalom. The  dog  owners  of  St  George’s entered into the spirit of the event and bravely jumped and sprinted around the course. One owner even crawled through the tunnel to encourage their dog. A Dachshund decided that going under the hurdles was by far the easiest way to deal with them.  Some owners showed their competitive streak by taking several attempts to improve their time. The winner was a feisty Fox Hound cross, Bracken.  Good fun was had by all and a very big thank you to  Paul Hunter, Director of Barking Heads pet food company who donated the great prizes.

And as for next year? The dog theme will continue as, back by popular demand, “Scrufts” the CGFT St George’s Dog Show will return.  We hope to seem some of you there!

Niki Kirby, Chair and Trustee of CGFT October 2016


A note received from the Jennings Family

" Our son has now left St George's School which means that our time with the school has come to an end after a productive decade.

In that time we have seen the teaching materials and improvements provided as part of the Founder's Trust's many contributions, and we are grateful for all your efforts on behalf of the school.

Whilst our regular contributions will now come to an end, we will make a larger contribution in September as a token of our appreciation".


Reproduced with kind permission of the Jennings family. 

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