Parable Of The Talents Chapel Roof

Many of you will know and understand that our School Chapel is the very heart of our community.  It is the place where we worship God together, celebrate achievements and where we remember those who have gone before us.  We “inherited” it from the previous school which had existed on our site, and it was one of the main reasons for Cecil Grant, our founding head, to site St George’s in this town. 

The Chapel was built in 1898 and so celebrates its 120th birthday this year.  To her credit she still looks pretty good........but just like us, she is beginning to feel the pain of older age, so the time has come to offer her the opportunity for a little bit of a “face lift”.   To our knowledge the slate roof has never been replaced, the building has no insulation in the roof, and the guttering is looking tired.  Our mission this year is to try and rectify some of these issues, it is a large project and to do this I will need the help of all members of our community.

On Monday 15th October we launch our Fund Raising Campaign which will start with ‘Parable of the Talents’.

We have taken inspiration from a famous bible passage.  The story of the “parable of the talents” is recorded in detail in the gospel of Matthew, Chapter 25, verses 14-23.  The story recalls how the master, who was going on a journey entrusted his wealth to others.  Two men who received money, worked hard to ensure that they created more wealth for their master, and managed to double their money, the third dug a hole in the ground, buried it, and therefore made no additional income. On coming home, the master praised those who had worked hard, and gave them even more responsibility than they had had before.  He wasn’t so happy with the other man.

So what would you do if I gave you £10?   Would you and your family find creative and imaginative ways to make that money grow, or would you hide it in the ground?

As a school we need £100,000 to complete the project.

The Students will be told of this event at House chapels during this week with a letter distributed to all parents on Friday 19th October 2018. Copies of the communication are below.  We are asking families to take part in this fun, interesting and creative event which will be open until Tuesday 30th April 2019. To enable students to receive the £10 loan please ensure we receive a signed Agreement Letter returned by 5th November 2018.

If you feel that as well as encouraging your child to be creative you can also give as a parent, we would welcome your support.  Direct donations from parents can be made via ParentPay ‘Parable of The Talents Chapel Roof Appeal’.  If your company offers “matched funding” then we would love to partner with you in trying to extract that money from them!   If you are a tax payer I also like to extract money from the Her Majesty Revenue and Customs, so pleases do not be surprised if I send you a short form to complete to enable to me to claim some tax back, so increasing your donation by 25%.  Also you can send donations to the Development Office in the School House, cheques should be made payable to St George's School (Harpenden) Ltd.

We hope you will be able to help us and look forward to hearing from you soon.


Colin Wareham                                                      

Development and Lettings Manager  

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Parable of the Talents Parents Letter 2018 1 19th October 2018 Download >
£10 Agreement 2018 18th October 2018 Download >