Science Lab Appeal


At St George’s we strive to ensure that we provide the best facilities we can for everyone who studies here. Science labs are a crucial part of secondary science learning. The learning environment can have a great impact on teaching and learning. Most practical activities at this level require the availability of specialist resources and services. We are sure you will agree that St George’s continues to go from strength to strength and all of our achievements are certainly something of which we are proud. This is certainly true of the sciences:


Science was the focus of The Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) study in 2015. The study found that 38% of our students expect to be working in a science career at age 30. The study found that St George’s students outperformed all other countries that took part in the study in the PISA science test. Furthermore, in 2015 St George’s was awarded the Good Schools Guide Award for Excellent Performance by Girls taking Additional Science at GCSE at an English Comprehensive School.    


As many of you will know, at St George’s we live quite literally by our motto of ‘Aim Higher’. In order for us to continue with such successes we need to support our pupils by providing much needed enhancements to our resources, such as modern up-to-date science labs that will allow our scientists and engineers to gain the teaching and experiences needed to go forward into universities of their choice.  We are therefore appealing to you as a parent to support our final push to update these facilities.

Thank you to all those parents who have already donated money towards The Science Lab Appeal so far.  You will be pleased to know that we have raised £70,000 already. As most of the labs have not been refurbished since they were built in the 1960s this refurbishment will extensively improve the facilities and benefit every pupil. We are now looking to raise a further £70,000 in order for us to refurbish another lab as the overall cost is £140,000. We realise that this is a large sum of money, but if every parent could support us by donating £50 it would enable the school to complete this project. If you would like to make a larger donation, then we are giving you the opportunity to sponsor an element.    To donate or to sponsor an element simply make your donation using ParentPay, online banking, cash or cheque and return page two of the attached letter complete with your details and Gift Aid declaration clearly stating which element you wish to sponsor.


Elements are priced as follows:          
Platinum (Pt) 78               £2000 
The Lanthanide Series 57-71           £2000
The Actinide Series 89-103          £1000
Gold (Au) 79           £1000
Silver (Ag) 47         £500
The Noble Gases 2, 10, 18, 38, 54, 86 & 118          £200
All other Elements         £100


If you have given already you can still sponsor an element so long as the amount given is at least equal to that elements value. Also if your employer would like to match your donation and also sponsor an element then contact Colin at You can of course still make a smaller donation without having to sponsor an element. If donating through ParentPay please use the ‘Science Lab’ option.



We hope you will be able to help us and look forward to hearing from you soon.


Colin Wareham                                                      Jon Timmins

Development and Marketing Manager              Director of Boarding and Development                                                  

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