Boarding Admissions

Please see the following links for information on Boarding at St George’s and Boarding FAQs:

Boarding Handbook

Boarding FAQs


If you do decide to make an application, we will seek a reference from your child’s school and subject to this, arrange an interview.  This would allow us to assess the application from a boarding point of view.

Boading application policy and forms can be downloaded at the bottom of this page. 

When making an application we would need a copy of your child’s passport and the latest academic report to accompany it please.


For Boarding Admissions please contact

Tel: 01582 716284 





Determined Admission Arrangements for St George's School for September 2017

Please do not use these documents for current applications

St George's Academy determined Criteria for Boarding Admissions 2017

St George's Academy determined SIF Boarding Application Form 2017


For Proposed Admissions Arrangements for St George's School for September 2019 please see Consultation 2019/20

Please download the following documents for a current application 

Name Date  
St Georges Academy Determined Criteria for Boarding Admissions 2018 2019 23rd February 2017 Download >
St Georges Determined SIF Boarding Application Form 2018 2019 23rd February 2017 Download >