Day Admissions FAQs


Year 7 Day Admissions FAQs

relating to Admissions for September 2017 


Can you tell me the exact catchment area in Harpenden for the school? Is there a map?


There is no "map" of the catchment area of the schools.  After children (in or formerly in) public care, children of staff, siblings and siblings of previous students, places are given to those applicants living closest to the school who meet the church commitment criterion in the first instance.

Distances are measured on a straight line basis and can be requested directly from Admissions Dept at Hertfordshire County Council. 


Do you have to attend church to apply to the school?


No. St George’s School is a multi-denominational Christian foundation.  Those families that show they attend church regularly will be able to apply under the Christian commitment criterion which ranks higher than distance alone.  The school is generally oversubscribed at this level.   


Do you have to attend a particular school or church to apply to the school?


 No.  To successfully satisfy the church attendance criteria your church must belong to Churches Together in Britain and Ireland (website: or be in association with the Evangelical Alliance (website: ) but this church can be located anywhere within the UK.  Overseas churches that belong to a Christian denomination as verified by their church leader are also eligible.


The School does not have feeder schools and therefore the primary school attended by the applicant is not relevant to the application process. 


Do you have entrance exams?


No – the school is not selective on academic ability  


I am a little confused how places are allocated beyond your sibling policy


Once children (in or formerly in) public care, children of staff, siblings and siblings of previous students have been allocated, the next criterion is Christian commitment.  To claim this criterion the child and at least one parent should attend church at least once a month and have done so for two years.  Your church leader will be asked to sign a letter confirming this.  


If the school is oversubscribed at this stage, it will use the next three criteria act as a tie-break.  Those applicants that have a church commitment, live in the school’s priority area (civil parish of Ayot St Lawrence, Flamstead, Harpenden, Harpenden Rural, Kimpton, Kings Walden, Markyate, Redbourn, St Paul’s Walden and Wheathampstead) and have a social/medical reason which makes St George’s uniquely suitable are ranked next, followed by those that have a church commitment, live in the school’s priority area, and have parents that regularly attend church at Christian churches of different denominations, which again must be confirmed by the church leaders of both churches.  


The final criteria for a tie break is church commitment and shortest distance from the childs normal residence to school which is measured on a straight line basis.


Those applications that do not meet the Church commitment will be ranked after this. 


How many places are available to a family applying that does not have siblings or previous siblings at the school?


As a guideline around half of places are taken each year by siblings or former siblings.  This is a guideline however and does vary significantly from year to year. 


What is the Multi denominational criterion and why do you have it?


The school is a Christian Foundation school. By offering a non denominational chapel, it has traditionally supported families who have been separated by their denomination (for example one parent belongs to the Catholic Faith whilst the other to the Anglican Church) and have therefore been unable to regularly worship together.  To meet this criterion both parents must hold letters signed by their separate Church Leaders to say they worship at least once a month and have done for the last two years. 


How do I make an In-Year application?


St George’s School takes most of its day pupils at Secondary Transfer and therefore all year groups tend to be full and oversubscribed.  Should you wish to make an application outside of Secondary Transfer you will need to contact the Admissions Officer for a separate form which, once completed, will be added to the Waiting List.  Should a place become available your application would be considered along with others on the waiting list.