Sixth Form Admissions


Applying to the Sixth Form


Application Deadline for September 2018 Entry for External Applicants:

Friday, 9th February 2018


Sixth Form Admissions Queries:  Any queries relating to the Entry Criteria for 2018/2019 should be referred to the Admissions Officer.


Requests for External Sixth Form Day Application Packs for Entry in September 2018 will be taken from September 2017.

Click here to request an External Sixth Form DAY Application Pack for entry in September 2018 

External students, if you have already requested a Sixth Form Day Application Pack, this will be posted/emailed to you shortly. St George’s Year 11 students were issued with a Sixth Form Application Pack during Friday 5 on 17th November 2017.  


Open Evening - Friday, 6th October 2017 (6.15 pm - 9.30 pm):  There will be guided tours of the School, the Subject Departments and the Sixth Form Centre - no booking is required.  There will also be 3 Sixth Form Q & A Sessions run by the Director of Sixth Form Education and/or Deputy Director of Sixth Form Education at 6.30 pm, 7.30 pm and 8.30 pm in the Sixth Form Centre.


Next Opportunities at 16+ Evening:   January 2018 by appointment only, general and subject specific talks (please note that there are no tours of the School during this evening).  Full details will be in the Sixth Form Application Packs.


Day Applications for September 2018 Entry

External Day Applicants:

External Day Applicants must complete and return the following forms by the application deadline:

1.Supplementary Information Form for Day Sixth Form Admissions  


2. External Candidates Options Form 


St George’s Current Year 11 Students:

All Year 11 students must complete and return the following form by the application deadline:

1. Internal Candidates Options Form 


Determined Entry Criteria for 2018/2019

The documents below should be used for information purposes only - in order to make an informed decision and to apply to the Sixth Form please request a Sixth Form Day Application pack (details above) or contact Boarding Admissions (see below). 

St George's Determined 6th form Criteria for Day Admissions 2018-19
St George's Determined SIF 2018 for 6th Form Admission


Boarding Admissions (please click here)


Previous Admission Arrangements for St George's School for September 2017 - July 2018

St George's Determined 6th form Criteria for Day Admissions 2017-18
St George's Determined SIF 2017 for 6th Form Admission


For Proposed Admissions Arrangements for St George's School for September 2019 please see Consultation 2019/20