Welcome to Keswick House

Keswick is the Boarding House for girls from Year 7 to Year 12 at St. George’s School.  We have living and recreational space for over 60 girls in dormitories of 2 to 7 beds.

The job of the house is to provide the students with a secure and welcoming place to live work and play, so as to make life at school fulfilling and enjoyable as possible.  We encourage all Keswick girls to work hard, to be polite and considerate, to co-operate with others and contribute fully to the life of the House and the school.

The full postal address for the boarding house is:


Keswick House
St George’s School
Sun Lane


Keswick House Office: 01582 716249

Keswick house Mobile: 07974867864 & 07506 803936

All girls should save these numbers to their mobile phones.



Resident House Staff:

Miss Jackie Watts - Head of Keswick House
Miss Sophie Wuidart Gray - Deputy Head of Keswick House
Mrs Trudie Siemonsma – Houseparent
Miss Shiri Sutcliffe – Houseparent

Miss J Rimmington - Day Matron

Non-Resident House Staff:

Mrs M Cornell
Miss E Sweeney
Miss L Loughlin
Ms G Michaels



Boarding Head Girl: Kelly Baker

Prefects: Molly Ross, Ally Wong, Gloria Lo, Patricia Guil


Name Date  
Keswick Handbook 2018 12th September 2018 Download >