Boys Boarding Prefect Duties

The role of the prefect in Crosthwaite may be summarised as follows:
To support the staff and to contribute to the smooth running and development of the House.

There are, of course, many ways in which these aims can be achieved and, to some extent, this will depend on the strengths and abilities of individual prefects. However, there are some general responsibilities which form the basis of the system.

All prefects will be expected to:

  • At all times set a good example to other boys in the House
  • Obey all relevant House rules and attend all House meetings (incl. roll call)
  • Be on duty in the House regularly, as per rota
  • Organise their own cover and inform the Head Boy and duty staff if they are unavailable for duty
  • Help to supervise prep in school or in the House
  • Assist staff supervising dormitories at bedtimes
  •  Assist at roll calls and mealtimes as requested
  • Keep order during fire drills
  • Provide a channel of communication between the staff and the students
  • Attend House Committee meetings as required
  • Meet regularly with staff to discuss House issues
  • Organise in-House activities from time to time (competitions, games etc…)
  • Fulfil any other duties agreed by the staff and prefects together

Prefects must not at any time give punishments. Boys who are misbehaving in any way should be referred or sent to the duty staff as appropriate.

From September, prefects will be expected to help induct the new Year 12, who may assist in supervisory duties.

A Crosthwaite Head Boy may subsequently be appointed from amongst the Prefects and will take up his post after the Easter holiday. In addition to the above, he will be expected to:

  • Lead the prefect team and organise the duty rota
  • Fill in for other prefects or extra duties where necessary
  • Liaise closely with House staff and attend some meetings
  • Contribute ideas and suggestions about House matters, activities and facilities
  • Ensure that House competitions happen and run smoothly
  • Represent the House at school or other events as required
  • Return to Crosthwaite before the start of the Autumn term to help with induction for new students
  • Work with the Keswick Head Girl when appropriate. In particular, to contribute to the organisation of the Christmas Disco, the May Ball and the Christmas Entertainment
  • Make speeches at the May Ball, the Senior Dinner or the Christmas Dinner

The work of the prefects is greatly appreciated by the staff and makes a significant contribution to the smooth running of Crosthwaite. Throughout the year rewards and privileges are given to show this appreciation. In the past, these have included meals, drinks and trips. The Head Boy is given first choice of the VI Form dormitories and helps make arrangements for the other VI formers.


Girls Boarding Prefect Duties

Each prefect is allocated a duty day.

A duty day consists of the following…

7:30-8am Breakfast tick sheet
The Prefect collects the registration sheet and gets to breakfast before everyone else in order to make sure the girls all attend breakfast and do so on time. They are to report either to the head girl or matron after 8pm if anyone fails come to breakfast or was late.

8:15am Dorm inspection
All Prefects and the Head Girl are given dorms to inspect. The prefects have a sheet with a list of points the girls should be undertaking when tidying their dorms and will tick or cross the boxes. On Tuesdays and Thursdays it is ‘surfaces day’ so all work surfaces must be clear and put neatly on the girls beds for the cleaners to clean the worktops. Dorm inspection is a great way in getting to know the girls and so we encourage prefects to take some time to talk and socialise with the girls.

3:40-4:15pm Tuck Duty
After school, the duty prefect will go to the office and be given the key and money for the tuck shop. They sell tuck and supervise the tuck cupboard.

6:30-7:30pm Prep Duty
The duty prefect will go to the library with their work. If any of the girls need help, the duty prefect will assist as much they can. If the matron leaves the room, the duty prefect becomes in charge and needs to ensure the girls are being quiet and getting on with their work.

8:30pm Kitchen Duty
From year 7 till 11, all girls will have a turn doing kitchen duty for a week. This is the younger girls’ duty, however the duty prefect must supervise and ensure that the girls turn up and are cleaning their kitchen and locking it from 8:15pm.

On the odd occasion a prefect or two may be asked to help do lights out and collect phones. Usually it tends to be more of a volunteer and something fun!