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To report an absence please contact

Tel: 01582 765477

Please state your Child’s Name, Year Group and Tutor Group (very important at busy times)

Please state briefly the reason for the absence

DIARRHOEA and VOMITING - To avoid spreading infection, please keep away from work/school until 48 hours (2 days) after symptoms have stopped.


General Enquiries

Tel: 01582 765477

For website issues please email:

For parents of new students please

Boarding enquiries please contact the Director of Boarding, Jon Timmins on:

tel: 01582 716 230

Sports Centre enquiries please contact the Development and Lettings Manager, Mr Colin Wareham on:

tel: 01582 716 229

Lettings enquiries please contact:

tel: 01582 716 283

Child Safeguarding - contact Mrs Theakston:

To contact a member of staff via email:

Use the staff member's first initial and surname followed by

e.g. to contact John Smith, the email would be

However, this does not apply to the Headmistress who can be contacted on email: