Contact Details:
First Responder - Mrs Jean Lambert
Tel: 01582 716 279

Medical Centre Pick up Point - Top Car Park – Outside Aim Higher (next to Chapel)

If your childs medical condition has changed please email

To avoid spreading infection, please keep away from work/school until 48 hours (2 days) after symptoms have stopped.

Please see the Asthma Guidelines 2018 at the bottom of this page.
If your child suffers from Asthma and regularly uses an inhaler, could you please provide the school with a spare inhaler to be held in the Medical Centre and for use on school trips.
If your child has had a medical review and no longer requires an inhaler, please email

If your child suffers from Hayfever or any allergies could they please take their medication before they start school in the morning.
Please note, that the Medical Centre will NOT be holding supplies of Hayfever & Allergy Relief medication.

Please see the  St George’s School, Harpenden Academy Trust Policy 

Limited discretion allowed to students to carry medicines for personal use

Those students who have a long term need to carry personal insulin, inhalers or Epipens are permitted to carry their own medication, and are responsible for keeping it secure from other students if they do so. Parents should notify the school of this need. Any student may carry a single dose of their own prescription medication or an over-the counter medication during the school day for their own personal use, and are responsible for keeping it secure from other students if they do so. Such items can be lodged with the school first responder for safe keeping if preferred. Boarding students must lodge prescription items with the Boarding Matron. In the unlikely event that a student has been prescribed a controlled drug, this must be lodged with the school first responder or Learning Support staff.

If your child brings medication to the Medical Centre, it must be clearly marked with the student’s details on and have a parent’s permission note with the required dosage. All medication will then be logged and entered onto the school computer system.




Name Date  
HPV consent form 12th July 2019 Download >
Asthma Guidelines 2018 19 14th September 2018 Download >
HEADSMART Symptom Card 17th November 2015 Download >