School Closure

Local radio stations are repeating their Snowline service for schools this year. St George’s also uses the same procedure for any emergency closure.

If there is bad weather, heavy snowfall or due to other emergencies, then please listen to the radio stations shown below, which are the ones St George’s use to get its message out.


103.8FM/90.4FM - 630MW/1161MW

Or visit


Or visit

When the Headmistress has made the decision to close the school we try to open the switchboard as soon as possible. Please remember that the school telephones can only take a couple of calls at a time and so if there is bad weather you will have to wait until the phone is answered.

We will also do our best to get the information on the school website as soon as possible.

A decision must be taken very early in the morning before public transport and families begin their morning travel arrangements.

On each occasion the decision was taken before 7.45am when most of the morning traffic starts and teachers and pupils begin making their way to school. The radio switchboards can be overwhelmed with calls and some parents have unfairly complained if we were not included in the radio announcements. This is why you should check on-line or contact reliable friends to check as well.

Please be patient and understanding if we face severe weather conditions this winter. We will try to get a message on the school website as early as possible.

The school will only be closed in severe weather conditions because it may be very difficult for sufficient staff to get to St George’s to teach - or at the very least supervise those local children who can get to school by walking.

We will make every effort to inform parents of the decision as promptly and efficiently as we can but we do ask for your patience and understanding at this difficult time.