We aim to:

Help all pupils enjoy art!

Help all pupils to develop their creative potential to the full and do lovely art work!

Help pupils to understand other artists and develop an appreciation of the amazing visual world around them!


We hope the curriculum is as stimulating and exciting as possible. It is aimed at broadening the creative experience of all pupils, developing artistic skills and helping pupils to understand their own work and that of other artists.

Years 7, 8 and 9

Pupils are given termly projects focusing on a theme. We hope this will encourage an enthusiasm for Art, the development of skills, an awareness of techniques and the understanding of other artists and cultures. Activities will include, at various times; drawing, painting, printmaking, Art History, collage, sculpture, ceramics and computer art.

Years 10 and 11

The GCSE course consists of three projects and an exam project. We follow the AQA board syllabus. The workshops focus on; ceramics, photography, sculpture and mixed media. Students in Year 10 can take part in a three day art trip to Paris.

Years 12 and 13

A level Art is highly successful at St George's. 80% of students gain an A* to B grade. We offer four discreet endorsements at A level. Each is a separate qualification in its own right. Students can opt to do one or more of the following:
Fine Art
Each area includes a series of projects that encourage individual development and acquisition of creative skills. There are a number of contextual Art trips; one to Florence and the other to St Ives.


The staff within the Art Department are all artists in their own right. They are deeply committed to the subject and to passing on their skills and excitement about the creative world to the young people of St George’s. We hope that within the Art curriculum there will be something for everybody and that all those coming into contact with the Department will be enriched and stimulated by the creative process.

Mr Rory Browne - Head of Art
Miss Marian Laker - Textiles
Mrs Carmel Turner - Photography
Mrs Julia Ramsey - Fine Art
Mrs Nicola Moody - Photography
Mrs Sally Priestland - Graphics
Miss Jenna Ainsley - Art Technician