Girl Chemistry

We aim to:

  • Help students develop their imaginative, creative, cognitive communication and social skills through a wide range of Drama and theatre experiences.
  • Encourage an interest in and understanding of Drama and theatre arts, as well as increasing self-confidence and group awareness.


Year 7 and 8 have Drama via a carousel system running in blocks of 4 weeks at a time.

Year 7

In year seven, students enjoy units of work based on silent movies, mime and movement, building characters and Greek Theatre.

Year 8

In year eight, students develop their acting skills though a module based on ‘The Titanic’ as well as developing their technical skills in the ‘Mood and Atmosphere’ module. Their experience of theatre styles is extended through the use of Forum Theatre.

Year 9

In year nine, pupils are taught Drama for one period per week. Topics include: ‘Skills and Script’, ‘Physical Theatre’, ‘Comedy Styles’ and a Shakespeare unit based on ‘Romeo and Juliet’.

GCSE Drama and Theatre Arts

We run a popular and successful course following the AQA syllabus. Pupils study the practical components of acting for their GCSE. Students on this course study set texts, such as ‘A Taste of Honey’ and ‘The Crucible’, as well as having the opportunity to visit a range of live theatrical performances such as ‘The Woman in Black’.

AS/A2 Level

This AQA Theatre Studies course allows students to study for an AS Level over one year or an A Level over two years. It aims to develop a student’s understanding of theatre at a deeper level, both theoretically and practically. Many students go on to study Performing Arts at a higher level.

Drama Club and Drama Productions

Extra-curricular work centres around the whole school production in the Autumn term and a lower school production in the Summer Term. There is an annual Inter House Drama Competition in the Spring term. There are two drama clubs, a dance club, a technical club for budding light and sound engineers and a costume club, all of which run at lunch times.