St George's School English Department

We aim to:

  • Develop to the full each student's potential for understanding, enjoying and using language

Curriculum and Organisation

Years 7, 8 and 9

Pupils are taught in mixed ability classes until the end of Year 8, then banded in year 9 in order to facilitate full setting for GCSE. To fulfil the requirements of the National Curriculum the core content is delivered in a modular programme:  Poetry, Shakespeare, Genre and Pre-Twentieth Century Literature, for example. Choice of texts is constantly monitored and frequently updated to maintain relevance to students.  Non-fiction is taught as a separate module as well as integrated within Literature in order to ensure breadth.  All pupils follow the same course regardless of group or setting arrangements and emphasis is placed upon the acquisition of key skills in preparation for final assessment tasks.

Years 7 - 9 

Currently students follow challenging and interesting schemes of work which follow the National Curriculum framework and feed into the new GCSE specification.

Years 10 and 11

All pupils are taught either GCSE English or English Language and English Literature as offered by OCR for year 11 and AQA for year 10. The majority of our students also take GCSE English Literature, at the discretion of the English Department, with the same examination boards. The percentage of students successful in achieving grades A* - C in both English and English Literature is regularly above 90%.

Years 12 and 13

Many pupils choose to continue with the study of English Literature at AS and A2. They study the courses offered by AQA in year 13 and EDUQAS in year 12. Year after year our students are able to achieve some of the best results in the County.


Educational visits are an essential part of the teaching of English at St George's. Besides visiting the theatre, pupils are taken on day conferences and weekend visits to different parts of the country and abroad as and when appropriate to time and curriculum.


To all staff in the English Department, the teaching of English is not just a job but a joy. It is our joint aim to bring proficiency to each pupil and also pleasure. Please do not hesitate to ask questions, and to read through the displays, which offer a broad representation of the work we do across the ability range. We hope you enjoy your evening with us and we look forward to meeting you.