Library (LRC)




Year 7 students visiting the LRC during their English reading lessons have been given a wonderful opportunity to choose a free fiction book. Students chose a book from a selection of 17 books offered by the Book Trust and the LRC was very lucky to receive funding from the Cecil Grant Trust Fund for this great literary project.

The exciting news is that these books have now arrived and will be given out during English reading lessons this week for those students in 7A, 7B, 7D, 7F and next week for those in 7C and 7E. We hope this will encourage and inspire students to enjoy reading for pleasure.

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"The objectives of the National Curriculum will be best supported in those schools which have a broad, balanced and up-to-date provision of library books and resource materials".

DCSF 1989

We aim to

  • Support the curriculum by providing resources in all media at all levels of age and ability.
  • Provide pupils with the necessary information skills to successfully utilise these resources.
  • Promote the enjoyment of reading books, fiction and non-fiction.
  • Provide a pragmatic and successful use of Information and Communication Technology.


The Library has approximately 21,000 resource items, including popular fiction, non-fiction, biographies, reference books and four daily newspapers, more than thirty journals (many targeted to the GCSE and A Level syllabus) and twenty five computers to access ICT facilities.

Information Skills

All Year 7 pupils have Information/Library Skills lessons throughout the year, taught by the Library staff. The aim is to make all pupils, regardless of ability, thoroughly at ease in the Library and able to undertake their own research, retrieving information and using it successfully as independent learners. It also enables them to get to know not only the Library, but the Library staff, so that they have no inhibitions about asking for help when they need it. There are also regular timetabled visits to the Library with their English teacher, with organised promotions to encourage a wide range of reading, such as the opportunity to shadow books short listed for the Carnegie Awards.

The Sixth Form have an Induction at the beginning of Year 12 to assist with the transition between GCSE and AS/A Level and to ensure that they fully exploit library resources.

Information and Communication Technology

There are twenty five networked computers available and 16 Ipads for student and staff use; all provide Internet access.  

The Library catalogue is available across the school network with all resources key worded for ease of information retrieval. Back copies of periodicals are indexed, with several thousand articles available.