Girl Chemistry

We aim to:

  • Enable all pupils to build on the knowledge and skills gained at Key Stage 2.
  • Enable all pupils to realise their own mathematical potential fully.
  • Maintain and enhance the high level of achievement overall which the Department has enjoyed, demonstrated by external examination results.
  • Broaden and deepen learning experiences and explore areas and concepts beyond normal study.


At St George's we follow the National Curriculum which divides Mathematics into four subject areas called Attainment Targets (AT). These are Number and Algebra (AT2), Shape and Space (AT3), Handling Data (AT4) and Using and Applying Mathematics (AT1) which is an integral part of the scheme. They are taught and tested here at all levels for Key Stage 3. Our students then continue in years 10 and 11 to take the OCR 9-1 Syllabus (J560) for GCSE and we help them to develop their ability to meet the assessment objectives required at this level. These are AO1 – recall and use their knowledge of the prescribed content, AO2 – select and apply mathematical methods in a range of contexts and AO3 – interpret and analyse problems and generate strategies to solve them. Our Year 12 and 13 students study the OCR Modular syllabus for AS, A and Further Mathematics. Our brightest Year 10 and 11 students are also given the opportunity of studying the Free Standing Mathematics Qualification (OCR 6993) to assist the bridging from GCSE to Further Mathematics.

We teach Mathematics by taking each Attainment Target in turn for a period of about three weeks, following the National Numeracy Strategy. We develop the skills and knowledge from Key Stage 2 within mixed ability classes at the start of Year 7 using differentiated work. Through short, medium and long-term assessments, we are able to set from after October Half Term in Year 7 onwards.

Throughout the school the pupils learn through a combination of class teaching, use of ICT and set exercises from text books and worksheets. They are tested regularly to monitor their progress through the levels of the National Curriculum. In each year there are 7, 8 or 9 sets, with smaller sizes for lower sets in order to assist their progress. Sets in each year are taught simultaneously. The setting is based on tests, the end of year examination and professional judgement.

The OCR Mathematics (Modular) syllabus enables our students to take a combination of modules in Pure Mathematics, Mechanics, Statistics and Discrete Mathematics leading to AS, A and Further Levels. This has proved to be an extremely successful course in terms of results achieved and the number of pupils taking Mathematics beyond the GCSE course.