Religious Studies

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We aim to:

  • To gain a knowledge and understanding of religious traditions, concepts and experiences through the teaching of Christianity and other faiths.
  • To understand how faith and belief relate to the moral, cultural and behavioural aspects of life.
  • To develop a personal search for a meaning and purpose.
  • To develop an awareness of the dignity and integrity of others.
  • To nurture and develop a passion for asking questions (through P4C)

The scheme of work is based on the NEW Hertfordshire Agreed syllabus for Religious Studies.


Key Stage 3

Year 7

  • Pupils study Christianity, Buddhism and Sikhism. Units include:
  • Who am I? Looking at the nature of identity and how it is expressed through religious buildings and ways in which Christians worship.
  • Who is Jesus? Exploring how Christians have expressed their understanding of the nature and role of Jesus.
  • Who are we? Approaches to religious identity seen through the lenses of Buddhist philosophy and Sikh practices.

Year 8

  • Pupils study Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism. Units include:
  • Why is it important for Jews to remember? Beliefs and Practices of Judaism.
  • Resolving conflict. Exploring the values and morality of dealing with and resolving conflicts in the light of religion. Students investigate a number of areas in the world where conflict is historically linked to religion.
  • Searching for meaning. Understanding how people of faith respond to the questions of purpose. Focus on Hinduism.

Year 9

All students begin the AQA Religious Studies GCSE full course, which explores religious beliefs and practices of Christianity and Islam. 

Key Stage 4 Years 10 and 11

GCSE in RE is a full course which starts in Yr 9.

All students continue to follow the AQA [Specification A] full course. In KS4 they focus on a number of moral issues (referred to as the ‘Thematic Studies’ part of the course) from a Christian and other religious perspective. Topics covered include:

  • Relationships and Families
  • Religion and Life
  • Crime and Punishment
  • Existence of God, Reason and Revelation

Sixth Form

Years 12 and 13

The A level course is designed and assessed by OCR, with an internal Mock for Yr12 (marked by teachers) and 3 final exams in Yr 13 externally marked.

The course has three components:

  1. Philosophy
  2. Ethics
  3. Development in Christian Thought (D.C.T.)

A two-hour exam is set for each component.

General R.S

Throughout the year Sixth Form students will listen to thought provoking speakers on a number of controversial religious topics