We aim to:

Teach our pupils to develop their design and technology capability.
Combine their designing and making skills with knowledge and understanding in order to design and make quality products.
Equip our pupils to make informed choices for their future, in an increasingly technological society.


The Design and Technology activities are currently being undertaken in the areas of Resistant Materials, Food, Textiles, Graphics, Computer aided Manufacturing and Electronics.

Our pupils work through a variety of Contexts and relevant Themes. Pupils begin with those with which they are familiar and gradually progress to Contexts which will prove more challenging.

For example, pupils in Year 7 are introduced to a course where basic SKILLS and SAFETY awareness are fully addressed. As a department, we feel that this is of paramount importance prior to our pupils progressing with increased confidence to more advanced technological activities.

AT KS4 – from the beginning of Year 9

The pupils could study a GCSE in Design and Technology which includes these options:

  • Although not a technology subject, at KS4 the students could study Food Preparation and Nutrition (AQA)
  • Graphic Products (AQA)
  • Resistant Materials Technology (AQA)
  • Textiles (AQA)

AT KS5 (GCE AQA – Product Design)

Unfortunately AS/A2 Level Design and Technology Food Technology is no longer available nationally, so we are unable to deliver the course.  A Level Product Design Courses in Textiles and Resistant materials are offered. All KS5 courses are AQA courses and are proving increasingly popular and successful.

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