More Able Learners

Girl Chemistry

In aiming to provide a first class education which encourages all to reach their potential in a caring and disciplined environment, we make provision for those pupils who are identified as exceptionally able in the community of St George’s to ensure that they are appropriately challenged.

We use a broad definition of the term more able learners aimed at roughly the top 5 to 10% of the School’s ability range and use a variety of methods to identify such pupils including standardised tests, pupil transfer information, consultation with staff, House events and links with external agencies. A register of able pupils is built up for each year group by the More Able Learners Co-ordinator and this is reviewed annually.

Provision is made for our able pupils through differentiation in lessons and the enrichment and challenge activities devised by each subject department. Extra curricular activities also provide an important role in meeting their needs as does giving them responsibilities through the House system and opportunities to develop citizenship in the wider community.

Generally, in order to maintain depth of study and allow time to be involved in a wide range of educational experiences, we do not favour acceleration for our able students which would result in early entry for GCSE and AS/A level examinations.