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The Great Curry Run #7 29th April 2018


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Have you had a chance yet to take part in the S George’s School Great Curry Run? It’s like the Great North Run, but you don’t have to go north of Kinsborne Green, and you get to eat curry at the end. In 2016 thanks to the efforts of 497 runners and walkers and their sponsors, we managed to raise around £33,000 to help support the injured and bereaved and orphaned. That brought the total sum raised by St George’s School’s Great Curry Run to around a quarter of a million pounds. Not a bad outcome to a bored conversation on break duty in Watts playground one day in 2010.


The event began in 2011 as way of responding to losses in the war in Afghanistan, with staff running or walking 10 metres for each of the service people killed or wounded at that point. As the years passed the distance got longer, peaking out in 2014 at 26km – at which point we decided it was becoming a distance too far for many people. So we have now standardised with a single out and back route, and multiple options from 5km to 20km. Having originally

raised money for the Soldiers’ Charity big curry event (we are their biggest non corporate donor by a factor of ten), we now run for a pair of charities. Previously we partnered with Medicins sans Frontieres, and last time with a charity run by one of our parents, Elizabeth’s Legacy of Hope This time we have chosen to work with Humanitas, run by Old Georgian and parent Sarah Wade, who twenty years ago went to help on a gap year project with Romanian orphans, decided to ditch university, and founded a Charity which has now grown to do remarkable work to help orphans in Romania, provide education in West Africa, and medical support to refugees from Syria and Burma. Sarah’s remarkable adopted son Dylan recently completed GCSEs at St. Georges.


Anyone who has taken part in this event can testify that there was marvellous camaraderie evident on the day between staff, students, parents, governors, and Old Georgians, and those linked by family or friendship to them. At the end of the day we filled the New Taj Mahal in Station Road for a superb warm down curry and a few drinks. Quite apart  from the funds raised, those who took part felt it was a very special event, to all be going together with people from our little community, all to the same noble purpose. Many of the staff who took part last time plan to do so again. Many others are going to have a crack for the first time.


What about you? Many of the runners in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 started from scratch, and turned themselves into six-packed running machines in a few months. In 2018 we are running the event on a Sunday morning and will again operate an appropriate route largely along the Nicky Line and through Rothamstead Park which will allow us to open the event to students, parents, Old Georgians, and anyone else with a connection to the school.


On the basis of logistical experience we have decided the following:

  • All runners on all routes will start at the same time and follow the same “out and back” path: but those doing the shorter distances turn back sooner.
  • No-one has to run up Westfield !
  • We are cutting back the toughest distance, so that more students and adults can take on the longest challenge.


The longest route will be 20km. This option will be open to all aged 17 or over. Next down is 15km, open to anyone 16 years or over on the day of the event. We hope it might provide a good challenge for those who did 10km last year, or maybe did the Herts 10km in October There will also be a 10km route. This option will be open to people 15 years old or over on the day of the event. Lastly, there is a 5km option. This is open to any age, including younger siblings of St George’s students. Many school staff are walking instead of running. Many runners will be walking by the end. If you have a child younger than Year 7 who wishes to take part they may do so, but they have to register as per everyone else, and they have to be accompanied by a parent at all times, that parent taking responsibility for them.


We welcome anyone with a connection to the school, from parents to elder siblings to Old Georgians to ex-staff to wives and partners and children of existing staff members. We are not bothered how you seek to traverse the course or how far you do so long as it will be exhausting for you and safe for others. The event is not timed and thus has the English Athletics status of a “Fun Run”. My how we laughed. Everyone who finishes gets a deluxe St George’s Great Curry Run medal.


People must not take part against medical advice, and anyone thinking of exercising beyond a comfortable level should take such advice before starting energetic training. We will in due course require submission of a standard pre- endurance event medical form, as per any event run under the auspices of UK Athletics. The value of your  investments can go down as well as up. Terms and conditions apply. There will be an entry fee of £5 or so to cover necessary admin, refreshments en route. This year’s Cooltech running shirt is a rather nice Sunset Yellow and costs

£10: you will be welcome to either buy this or run in a previous year’s curry run shirt if you want to be retro !


The other proviso is that everyone taking part whether for the first time or not, commit to raising a minimum sum through sponsorship for the Soldiers’ Charity and / or Humanitas via cash donation, or through the event “Just Giving” page. The expected sum is £75 if you are taking part for the first time and doing the 20 or 15 km; £50  if you are doing the 10km; or £20 if doing the 5km. Of course, last time lots of people exceeded these minima. We  will be contacting everyone again at the start of January to get formal entries – in the mean time, get training!

2015 - 490 Participants

2015 - 490 Participants

2014 - 480 Participants

2014 - 480 Participants

2012 -140 Participants

2012 -140 Participants

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