Press Release - Great Curry Run

Paratroopers descend on St George’s School


School charity fundraising tops £250,000 since 2007 



Over the last few years St. George’s school has become the biggest single non-corporate donor to The Soldier’s Charity. Events held around St George’s Day, April 27th have both raised awareness about the service of our forces and a sum of money well into 5 figures. 

On Friday 27th April 2018, St George’s Day itself, the school hosted soldiers from the Regimental Support team of the Parachute Regiment, and hundreds of students were able to hear about the work of a modern day soldier and experience some “Paratrooper fitness”. The detachment presented also on the expanding role of women in the forces, with even Paratrooper and Commando roles now open to all genders.

Meanwhile students and staff ditched normal lunch on the day to eat curry as an additional fund-raising exercise, the school catering dept having to prepare and serve the best part of 850 curries in an hour. This connects to The Soldiers’ Charity’s “Big Curry” project, which involves schools and businesses across the UK.  Many hundreds of students and 51 staff had been taking care over their diet, as the following Sunday 29th April, 608 people from age 5 to 73 connected to St. George’s school, pounded the Nicky Line and pavements of West Common, in the seventh “Great Curry Run” – entrants running or walking up to 20km.

Already, this year’s Great Curry events have raised around £30,000, delighting Soldiers’ Charity Chief of Staff Brigadier Robin Bacon who has written: “We're so grateful to St George’s School for yet again getting behind our Big Curry campaign and hosting such an excellent event. It’s fantastic to see so many staff, pupils and parents involved in raising vital funds to help secure the futures and the independence of our soldiers, veterans and their families.”

In 2018 the school decided to split the funds raised by these events with a charity founded by Old Georgian, Sarah Wade. Humanitas is a grassroots charity that has worked for more than a decade to protect and care for some of the world’s most vulnerable children and young people. The charity has established two ‘Safe Homes’ for abandoned and orphaned children in Romania, most of whom have disabilities, they also run a primary school in a small village in rural Ghana where 230 children benefit from an education – something that was not possible before Humanitas arrived. Since the Syrian refugee crisis, Sarah and a small team of volunteer medics have also delivered urgent medical treatment to refugees living in camps around the world.

Sarah Wade, CEO and Co-Founder of Humanitas added ‘I am incredibly grateful to St George’s School for offering to raise funds for our work. Their support will enable us to respond to the on-going needs of the children and young people in our care and will help the families who have been forced to flee violence and persecution and are now living as refugees.’


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