Goddard House is named after John Lister Goddard, a former pupil at St George’s who fought in the First World War and gave his life for his country in 1916. Goddard is made up of a team of 18 tutors and over 330 pupils and we are always striving to improve, do our best, and see our members reach their full potential.


Head of House

Mr Day

Deputy Head of House

Mrs N Fox

 House Pastoral Assistant

Miss S Hills

Lower School Tutors

Mr T Bensley

Mr A Davie with Mrs M Cullis

Miss J Foster

Miss A Pym with Mr P Fitzgerald

Middle School Tutors

Miss E Sayers and M Starling

Mr A Clark with Miss V Sweeney (Trainee)

Mr P Langston

Mrs J Marsh with Miss R Dawson 

Miss R Sugden with Mrs Pinner

Upper School Tutors

Miss T Ashwell

Mr F Tozzi

Mrs L Howard

 Mr S Willis with Ms G Walton-Motta


Prefect Team

House Captains

Maisie Taylor & Ben Warren

Deputy House Captains

Sarah John & Miles Lear

Executive Prefect

Guy Storrie



Sports Captains
Edie Hunter & Matt Ball

Charity Prefects
Jess de Lange & Max Curtis

Music Captain
Imi Whitehead


Drama Captains
Carys Stephens

Art Captain
Ella Turner

Media & Assembly Prefects


Social Prefects

Special Prefects
James Tuck
Chapel Prefects


Techncial Prefect
Will Jones

Health Ambassador
Nick Gurteen

Recycling Prefect
Henry Simcott

Tutor Base Prefect Leader
Tom Owen

Mentoring Prefect
Emma WalkerI

Tutor Base Prefects

PJF: Sophie Roberts & Kathryn McGuinness
TEB: Ella Turner & Kate Tonathy
LCT: Will Jones & Imi Prowse
JF: Jess de Lange & Jacob Warner
ACJ: Tom Owen
ELS: Henry Simcott
JVM: Carys Stephens
JR: Nick Gurteen

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