Monk House is named after Bertram Monk, who was an Old Georgian who died heroically pointing the way to the enemy leading his men in World War One. Since then Monk House has flourished with consistently high standards in all house events. In recent years we are most known for our achievement in house music, chess and cross-country running.


Head of House

Mr A Robertson

Deputy Head of House

Mrs F Chalkley


Lower School Tutors

Mrs K Mistry

Ms S Hyams

Mr S Wallace

Mr S Tweeddale

Middle School Tutors

Mrs K Ariss

Mrs J Maddock

Mr N Wilkinson

Mr A Barton with Ms L M McCarthy

Miss D Skendraoui

Upper School Tutors

Mrs J Dodds with Mrs N Moody

Mr R Browne with Mrs J Ramsay

Mr D Rees 

Mrs J Crossland


Prefect Team

House Captains

Annie Robertson & Cameron Burnett

Deputy House Captains

Jade Seneviratne & Matthew Rowe



Sports Captains
Becca Coutts & Aisling Hargadon

Charity Prefects
Emily Petty & Joshua Tall & Lucy Carey

Music Captain
Alexandra Sach

Declan Carlean & Juan Rogers 

Drama Captains
Floss Bishop

Art Captain
Emily Petty & Alice Balfe

Media & Publicity Prefects
Phoebe Mathers


Student Voice Prefect
Joshua Tall & Annie Robertson
Special Prefects
Dominic McCarthy
Chapel Prefects
Jacob Anderson & Viola Li


Photography Prefect
Hannah Cutler & Alice Balfe
Health Ambassador 
Freddie King

Dance Prefect
Sophie Mottram

Tutor Prefects and Mentoring Directors
Ramani Vert & Joshua Tall

House Quz Prefect
Jacob Anderson

Sports Co-ordinator
Kieran McPhilips

Learning Prefect
Georgia Web

Sub-Prefect Co-ordinator
Jenny Down



Tutor Base Prefects

SCT: Declan Carlean, Jacob Anderson & Phoebe Mathers
KM: Lucy Carey, Sophie Motrram & Joshua Tall
SRW: Robert Barton, Lucie Lognon & Alice Balfe
SH: Freddie King, Floss Bishop & Georgia Webb

Boarding Prefects

Calum Jenkins and Timoni Lounge (Captains)
Moez Abeidi, Viola Li & Eseosa Edokpolor


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