Watts History

Dr. Watts was the second headmaster at St. George’s, succeeding Mr Grant. He started teaching in 1922 as an English teacher and became head of boys’ games, leading the school into many porting victories. In 1936 he became headmaster, steering the school through the difficult war years. He was affectionately known as “Daddy Watts”.

Dr. Watts born in Ross-on-Wye in 1886 and went to a village school where he developed a love for Literature. Dickens was his favourite author. He then won a scholarship to Hereford Cathedral School and from there an Open Scholarship to Oxford. Unfortunately, his father died which meant that he had to give up his university place.

He began work as an usher at a prep school in Watford where he worked from 8.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. and then he went home to study until 3.00 a.m. every night in order to pass a degree externally from London University.

In 1912 he joined the Territorial Army and taught at Solihull School. Later he joined St. George’s School and at the age of 54 in 1946 he took Holy Orders in order to take services in the school chapel and to fulfil a lifelong wish to become a priest.

After his retirement, he worked as a parish priest in Gloucester until ill-health forced him to retire.