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St George’s Coaching Development

Very much enjoyed the 2nd evening session Mr Harris ran on Coaching development held on Wednesday the 3rd Jan. Building on his RFU Level 4 Coaching Qualification, Neil has designed a range of feedback sessions which are really enlivening, plus a great opportunity to catch up with colleagues and meet a range of parents who have been Coaching a number of our sports teams. Much appreciated! Although not presently a Coach myself, I have not only found the sessions thought-provoking but also tried to incorporate the ideas learnt into my teaching. I am sure my classes may differ about this...but I am trying!



Calling all parents and staff... Don't be one of those people who says to me each Easter "Yeah I wish I had done it but it's too late to start training now."...

The Great Curry Run 2018

Have you had a chance yet to take part in the St George’s School Great Curry Run? It’s like the Great North Run, but you don’t have to go north of Kinsborne Green, and you get to eat curry at the end. In 2016 thanks to the efforts of 497 runners and walkers and their sponsors, we managed to raise around £33,000 to help support the injured and bereaved and orphaned. That brought the total sum raised by St George’s School’s Great Curry Run to around a quarter of a million pounds. Not a bad outcome to a bored conversation on break duty in Watts playground one day in 2010.