Cambridge Chemistry Challenge results.

Cambridge Chemistry Challenge

Twenty five St George’s Chemistry students from year 12 volunteered to enter the competition and twenty one of them achieved a certificate – 4 Gold, 6 Silver and 11 Copper:
Gold     – Henry Andralojc, Will Jones, Tim Pecover, Megan Smith-Rana

Silver    – Seb August, Adam Barton, Ben Raeves, Sophie Roberts, Becky Shott, Imogen Whitehead

Copper – Gemma Barton, Rebecca Eldred, Funmi Fayoyin, Ben Hansen, Chloe John, Nikky Lau,
                Raghav Patel, Niamh Ross, Joe Superfine, Theodora Tarousa, Emma Walker


The Cambridge Chemistry Challenge is a national competition for chemistry students from year 12 or below run by Cambridge University and the Royal Society for Chemistry.  It tests problem solving skills and resilience as well as a general aptitude for university level chemistry. This year nearly 8000 of the most able students in the country entered with certificates awarded relative to the other very able entrants - Copper (top 64%), Silver (top 26%), Gold (top 9%).

Many congratulations to all who took part. 

Mrs Jane Crossland
Deputy Director of Learning - Science