I am sure you can appreciate that the school receives a large number of requests each week from parents and the wider community asking to advertise in the newsletter.

Due to the volume of requests received, I have had to review the content of the newsletter and consider the criteria we use when agreeing to include these adverts.

As I am unable to agree to all these requests, for clarification, our criteria are that we will only publicise:

  • Events that support a named student in the wider community
  • Events offering parental support which are agreed with the school
  • Events that have a business association with the school e.g. via  a letting

Please be advised that although happy to publicise events that meet our criteria, St George’s cannot endorse these advertisements.

I understand that you may find some decisions to not advertise certain events disappointing, but hope you can appreciate why these decisions have to be made.

Parents may wish to know that the Hertfordshire Directory could be a useful source for advertising local events.

Miss Barton