Many of you are already well aware of the option to Occasional Board. However, it occurs to me that there may be some of relatively new to the School who may not be. Occasional Boarding is an option made available to existing day pupils allowing them the opportunity to take advantage of the boarding provision at St George’s on, as the name would suggest, an occasional and flexible basis. The cost of Occasional Boarding is £50 per night.  This includes the cost of dinner and breakfast as well as accommodation in the relevant boarding house. If day students have friends who are boarders then they can request that they room share with those friends. It is also quite possible for any weekend occasional boarders to join in with any trips that happen to be taking place just so long as we have the necessary notice. There will be an annual limit of 30 nights’ accommodation per pupil per academic year in order that a clear distinction between Occasional Boarding and being a full boarder. This amounts to roughly one night a week. However, there are any number of scenarios that might make it beneficial for parents to block book nights. 

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