St George's Chess Club


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The students recorded their most convincing victory in the 7 year history of this event. Only Mr.Overton managed a draw ! (and that was with adjudication by Mr Fitzgerald).

The score was 12.5 to 3.5 (the three victories were all Y12’s). Can the staff recover from this, probably not. Consequently a new format will be used.

The Ryder Cup gives a clue as to the direction we will take from now on. For many years Great Britain and Ireland struggled to overcome the USA at golf. Generally the result was a comfortable win for the USA. So in 1979 they joined forces with Europe, however the first victory was in 1985, since then Europe has generally had the upper hand.

So the next chess match will be Staff plus Y12/13 against Y7 to Y11. This will give the staff team some chance rather none !