Physical Education


The Physical Education Department at St George’s School aims to provide a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum to satisfy the philosophy of the school, the stated aims of the department and one which contributes to the educational needs of the pupil. Through a structured programme it will provide opportunities for pupils to develop their physical potential, experience challenges and achievements and foster a sense of responsibility and cooperation.


  • To provide a balanced programme available to all pupils, irrespective of academic or physical ability, which enables them to develop their physical potential.
  • To develop and foster positive attitudes to physical fitness and a healthy active lifestyle.
  • To educate the pupil with regard to health, hygiene and safety.
  • To provide challenging experiences and problem solving situations through participation in a variety of activities.
  • To develop creative and imaginative work with opportunities to create, appreciate, observe and evaluate through the experience of aesthetic movement.
  • To foster confidence and promote enjoyment through physical activity.
  • To assist in the development of personal qualities, initiative, responsible behaviour, a sense of cooperation, tolerance and fair play, leadership qualities and perseverance.
  • To develop intellectual skills through increasing knowledge of physical activity, planning and organisation, understanding of rules, tactics, codes of conduct and etiquette pertaining to activities.