Captains / Prefects


Only a relative handful of our students receive the rewards of leadership. St George’s has such a high calibre intake of prospective leaders and highly responsible students that selecting a few for “Prefectship” or House or School Captain, is always a tough decision, inevitably leaving perfectly able students disappointed at their lack of appointment.

New to St George’s?  Do not despair at gaining status! Annually, many new Georgians have been made Prefects, House Captains, School Captains or Deputy School Captains, Boarding Prefects or Boarding Captains! Be pro-active, join in!

The Prefect process begins in January of Year 12. All students are invited to apply.  Students can access further details on the shared area.  The roles comprise of:

School Captains

The School Captains (one boy and one girl) represent the Headmaster and his deputies in a range of ways.  This may include making speeches at Open Evening, giving votes of thanks to visitors, reading in Chapel, delivering Assemblies, representing the Headmaster or the student body and organising whole School events, such as Education for Africa Day.

Deputy School Captains

The Deputy School Captains (one boy and one girl) deputise for the School Captains and assist them in their roles. This may include organising the Charity Carol singing event, assisting with the organisation of the Senior Prefect Week of Fun, the Prefect Dinner and whole School student-led events.

House Captains

Linked to the Head of House, House Captains (one boy and one girl) are the public face of the House.  They assist the Head of House in a range of activities.  This may include monitoring Prefect duties and the work of the responsibility system, undertaking book looks and Prep book checks, distributing School and House office materials, completing office administration information, helping to organise House Assembly with the Head of House and representing the House at School functions.

Deputy House Captains

Deputy House Captains (one boy and one girl) deputise for the House Captains and will take on similar duties.  They may also help to manage the House office preparing House lists, filing, assisting with typing, updating the House notice boards overseeing the organising of the locker system, taking minutes of meetings and a range of other tasks. House Captains and Deputy House Captains make up the House Senior Team.


The Prefects are linked to the House Captains and Deputy House Captains.  They carry out duties on behalf of the School, including lunch and break duties and School tours. Prefects head up a specific responsibility area: Social, Charity, Community, Publicity, Development, Promotions.

Sports Captains

Responsible for appointing teams for the House Sporting Competitions.  They must also organise practices and ensure that teams play.  They also encourage those in the younger years to get involved by giving them opportunities to be a part of House teams or be a part of the practices.

Drama Captains

Responsible for co-ordinating House Drama Competitions, for running a House Drama Club, overseeing the House directors during the House Drama Competition and organising drama for House Assemblies. They also encourage those in the younger years to get involved by giving them opportunities to be a part of drama events including House Assemblies.

Music Captains

Responsible for co-ordinating House Music Competitions, for running musical events and organising music for House Assemblies.  They also encourage those in the younger years to get involved by giving them opportunities to be a part of music events including House Assemblies.


School Captains' biographies 2017/2018


Fraser Rosser-Smyth :

Hi! My name’s Fraser Rosser-Smyth (a mouthful I know) and I’m School Captain here at St Georges. I’m studying Government and Politics, History and Economics for A level with the hope of doing PPE at Uni – however I’m debating the prospect of applying to do Singing at the Royal Academy! I’m really interested music and drama, politics, rugby and a little bit of Xbox.  This next year looks to be a good one – working alongside my closest friends who make up our team and being given the opportunity to leave a positive impact on our school.


Frankie Weir:

Hi, my name is Frankie and I'm School Captain here at St Georges. I take history, maths and art at Alevel and am looking to study History of Art at university. I really enjoy getting involved in all the house events throughout the year as well as captaining first team lacrosse for the school. I've had some great times at St Georges and am looking forward to the year ahead.


George Shipton:

Hi everyone.

I am the Deputy Head Boy here at St Georges. I am currently studying Biology, Chemistry and Theatre Studies at A- Level, and I am hoping to go into healthcare in the future. Among many other activities, I enjoy playing rugby for the school’s 1st Team, and acting in school productions. I am very much looking forward to fulfilling the role of Deputy School Captain, and working with the fantastic Senior Prefect Team!


Laura Mitchell:

Hi I am the Deputy School Captain. I am currently studying Maths, Biology, Economics and Geography with the aim of going on to study Geography further at university. I am really interested in ‘International Development’ and as the founder of the ‘Geography Society’ I am keen to enrich students’ studies of current affairs. Along with other things, I also really enjoy dancing. I am very excited about my role in the Executive Team as we can work together along with a group of Prefects to lead and organise school events.