Sixth Form Introduction


St George’s values are rooted in the Christian Foundation: a respect for others, a shared sense of duty and service to the community, leadership for the benefit of others over self, as demonstrated by commemorated Old Georgians who live on through our House system.

We welcome a wide range of students into our Sixth Form. Each student has a different reason for entering the Sixth Form; the desire to study a number of subjects in greater depth than previously, the need to obtain qualifications in order to gain a place at university/college or to enter a particular career, or the need for more time to mature and to discover individual strengths as a basis for making an informed choice about careers.

At St George's, we aim to produce a balanced and appropriate course for each student that is based on the student's aims and ambitions. In addition to a wide range of A Levels, students who have achieved extremely high average grades in their GCSEs are offered the opportunity to study for the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) at Level 3. The EPQ is an independent, student driven, research project equivalent to half an A Level. The majority of our students continue on to Higher Education.

The teaching and learning situation differs considerably in the Sixth Form. On balance the groups are smaller, allowing for a closer student-teacher relationship and enabling different techniques to be used for both instruction and learning. Students will become more responsible for organising their own work and making sure that they keep up a vigorous pace. We will make more demands upon you, and in meeting them you will find some of the value of life in the Sixth Form. We expect you to be mature young adults who can make wise decisions as to “time management” and the way you use your study periods.

We expect hard work, punctuality, smart appearance and regular attendance from all our students. We also welcome contributions to the life of the School in sports, drama, music, societies, debating, charity fund raising and many other areas.

We hope and intend that your Sixth Form years will be greatly enjoyable, and a time for further academic and personal development and increasing maturity. The willingness to accept and share responsibility and to set a good example to younger students is essential. The comparative freedom of Sixth Form life means that Sixth Formers are greatly envied and often admired by the rest of the School; their pattern of behaviour, and their general attitude, if responsible, can be a great influence for good in the whole School community.

Sixth Form is preparation for life beyond school. Our aim is to produce well-rounded young adults who have made the most of both the academic and extra curricular opportunities offered to them at St George’s.




Miss Louise Morris
Director of Sixth Form Education


Mrs Tess Tweeddale
Deputy Director of Sixth Form Education