Year 12 Activities Week 2017


There are various opportunities and activities available to our Year 12 students during Activities Week. The number of days available will vary according to the activities your son/daughter will take part in during this particular week (see below). 


Monday 3rd July

Tuesday 4th July

Wed 5th July

Thursday 6th July

Friday 7th July

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Work Experience

We strongly believe that work experience will be extremely valuable to the students both in terms of their own personal development and also in how they could use the experience in future applications, particularly personal statements for employment or university.

The onus is on the students to arrange/organise their own work experience. The School will provide the students with a work experience diary, which they will need to complete and return.


Extended Learning Opportunities 

Students can use the time during Activities Week to continue with their Extended Project Qualification or other electives.  Students can also undertake other courses, such as Headstart, attend lectures, visit exhibitions or professional organisations to help with their development.

Name Date  
Year 12 Work Experience Diary 2017 26th June 2017 Download >
Activities Week 2017 Daily Planner 26th June 2017 Download >
Sixth Form Work Experience Form 2017 2nd December 2016 Download >
Activities Week 2017 Letter 11th November 2016 Download >