Grant House


The Rev Cecil Grant was the founder of St George's School and its first headmaster from 1907 until his retirement in 1936. He was deputy Headmaster of Keswick School and brought with him the ethos of Keswick as well as the Keswick school song. His plan was to set up a co-educational boarding school founded on Christian principles. This was very forward-thinking for 1907. Grant believed that the family offers the best possible environment for children's education as well as their upbringing. Grant House tries to continue this family-oriented principle within St George's. 


Head of House

Mr A Muriss

Deputy Head of House

Miss A Kyriacou

House Pastoral Assistant

Mrs L McCarney Redford


Lower School Tutors

Miss L Crombie with Mrs K Farr

Miss M Laker

Mr J Ellis

Ms C Voica with Mrs S Pearson

Middle School Tutors

Mrs T Walker with Miss C Carter-Crosby and Mrs Terry

Mrs G Payne with Mrs H Goatly

Mrs A Williamson with Mrs L Terry

Mrs E Jones with Miss G Brooke (Trainee)

Mrs A Wadhams

Upper School Tutors

Mrs H Brodie

Mr M Buckley

Mrs R Potter with Mrs C Scott

Mrs P Enemy with Mrs W Matthews


Prefect Team

House Captains

Lucy Porter, Henry John, Mai Ledsham and Ben Wells

Senior Prefect

 Ben Gittens & Macy Banks


Sports Captains
Jack Glynn & Sophie Batten

Charity Prefects
Amy Collier & Alice Hilton

Music Captain
Erin O'Sullivan


Drama Captain
Ciara McNiff

Art Captain
Emily Gaynor

Publicity Prefects
Issy Bignell


Community Prefects
Tom Huntley
Assembly Co Ordinator
Olivia Lock
Chapel Prefects
Ellie Davis


Media Prefect
Josh GreenHalgh

Health Ambassador
Georgia Collins
Special Prefect
Imogen Bowman

 Tutor Group Prefects:
Sophie Morton, Rachel Key, Sally Slater

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