Monk House is named after Bertram Monk, who was an Old Georgian who died heroically pointing the way to the enemy leading his men in World War One. Since then Monk House has flourished with consistently high standards in all house events. In recent years we are most known for our achievement in house music, chess and cross-country running.


Head of House

Mr A Robertson

Deputy Head of House

Mrs F Chalkley

House Pastoral Assistant

Miss L Kemp-Robertson


Lower School Tutors

Mrs K Mistry

Ms E Sweeney with Mrs J Slade

Mr S Wallace with Miss L O'Neill (Trainee)

Mr S Tweeddale

Middle School Tutors

Mrs K Ariss

Mrs J Maddock

Mr N Harris

Ms L M McCarthy with P Hess

Miss D Skendraoui

Upper School Tutors

Mrs J Dodds with Mrs N Moody

Mr R Browne with Mrs W Matthews

Mr D Rees 

Mrs J Crossland


Prefect Team

House Captains

Lucy Williams, Stevie Button, Niamh Hargadon & James Lawford


Sports Captains
(Girls): Megan Smith-Rana & Mimi Bland

Charity Captains
Gemma Barton, Chloe John, Alanah Tinnion, Phoebe Woods & Joe Superfine

Music Captain
Liam McGovern & Nathaniel Snowden

(Boys): Henry Farr & Michael Adebakin

Drama Captains
Candice Clare & Evie Chamberlain

Art & Photography Captains
Niamh Budd & Jade McHardy

Media & Publicity Captain
Kaitlyn Byarugaba


Student Voice Captains
Chole John & Adam Bailey
Special Prefect
Amy Howard
Chapel Captains
Alice Kitchen & Jack Richardson


Learning Prefect
Issy White
Health Ambassador Prefect
Issy White

Dance Prefect
Jade McHardy, Phoebe Woods & Amy Howard

Tutor Prefects and Mentoring Directors
Chole John & Adam Bailey

House Quiz Captain
Lucy Williams

Pupil Information Team & Postcard-Friday Co-ordinators
Joe Superfine & Jack Richardson

Sub-Prefect Co-ordinator
Adam Bailey




Lower School Tutor Group Prefects

SCT: Henry Farr, Niamh Budd, Jade McHardy
KM: Joe Superfine, Alice Kitchen, Alanah Tinnion
SRW: Jack Richardson, Phoebe Woods, Megan Smith-Rana
SH: Nathaniel Snowden, Amy Howard, Gemma Barton

Boarding Prefects

Molly Ross & Gloria Lo

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