Watts House

A school does not exist to send out men and women solely to play a part in life whereby they achieve a competence and honourable life of useful work and even a modicum of fame, but it exists to send out for posterity and for their own generation, men and women who by their character shall leave the society in which they live the better for their presence and hence the world much nearer the Kingdom.


Head of House

Mrs K Robertson

Deputy Head of House

Mrs C Turner


Lower School Tutors

Mr J Honey with Mr C Lumsden

Miss A Kyriacou 

Mrs C Edmunds

Mrs A Hartley

Middle School Tutors

Mrs M Stearn

Mr D Overton 

Mr A Macintosh 

Mrs A Elwin

Mrs L Bailey with Mrs N Baxter 

Upper School Tutors

Mrs L Holton-Gaus with Miss S Keates

Miss R Wilkinson

Miss N Ellis

Mr W Davitt


Prefect Team

House Captains

Alice Dyson & Patrick Frost

Deputy House Captains

Maddie Robertson & Kazimir Uzwyshyn-Jones




Sports Captains
Hannah Linighan & Lucy Richardson
Ben Helm and Alex Robertson

Charity Prefects
Ella King & Isabelle Klein

Music Captain
Jodie Shankland & Beth Machel 

Drama Captains
Andrew Pearce & Adam Griffiths

Art Captain
Ella Hodge

Media Prefects
James Menzel
Dance Prefects
Laura Mitchell 
Special Prefects

Clara McKenzie

Chapel Prefects
Tim Manohitharajah and Jordan Davie
Chessl Prefect
James Palmer

Health Ambassador
Esther Smith

Special  Prefect
Clara McKenzie

Sub-Prefect Leader
Josh Benjamin

Learning Prefect
Robert Kerley


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