English at St George’s is imaginative, innovative and interactive.

We aim to:

  • Provide an exciting, challenging and stimulating learning experience
  • Foster an ethos whereby success in English is highly valued by our students, and a ‘classroom culture’ in which all students are actively engaged in the learning process
  • Encourage all students to reach their true potential
  • Develop all students’ ability to be expressive and creative in written work
  • Develop in students an understanding of the variety of forms in both written and spoken English
  • Encourage students to become enthusiastic, responsive, and more knowledgeable and discerning readers
  • Encourage every student to become independent, critical and reflective thinkers with a willingness to accept responsibility for their own learning
  • Prepare students for adult life in a world where the skills of communication are fundamental, and where a mastery of English can provide life-long opportunities

In doing so we endeavor to ensure that our students will:

  • Develop as confident and independent learners
  • Develop their ability to work co-operatively in groups
  • Learn to value and experiment with creativity
  • Develop a life-long love of literature and reading
  • Be positive towards, and enjoy their English Lessons!

Curriculum and Organisation

Years 7, 8 and 9

Pupils are taught in mixed ability classes right through years 7, 8 and 9. In response to the requirements of the National Curriculum the core content is delivered in a modular programme: Poetry, Shakespeare, and Pre-Twentieth Century Literature, for example. Choice of texts is constantly monitored and frequently updated to maintain relevance to students. Non-fiction is taught as separate modules, for example Travel Writing and Transactional Writing, as well as integrated within Literature modules in order to ensure breadth.

Students have 3 one hour lessons per week usually taught by one teacher. All pupils follow the same course and emphasis is placed upon the acquisition of key skills in preparation for final assessment tasks which are completed in class.

Our schemes of work are challenging and engaging; they are rooted in the National Curriculum framework, and they feed into the new GCSE specifications.

Years 10 and 11

All our students follow the AQA GCSE English Language course. The majority of our students also follow the AQA GCSE English Literature course.

Other than a very small number of students following the GCSE English Language course, all our GCSE classes are mixed ability covering both Literature and Language GCSEs. All students have 4 one hour lessons a week, taught by one teacher.

Just as in KS3, we deliver the specifications in modules – such as ‘Viewpoint Writing’, ‘Power and Conflict poetry, and ‘The 19th Century Novel’. This allows students to regularly revisit the key skills and assessment objectives of both specifications.

The percentage of students successful in achieving grades 9 - 4 in both GCSE English Language and GCSE English Literature is regularly above 90%.

Years 12 and 13

Many pupils choose to continue with the study of English Literature at A level. They study the EDUQAS English Literature specification. Students have 4 one hour lessons per week and are taught by 2 teachers. Students develop their skills of analysis via critical works as well as in depth study of key texts.

Year after year our students are able to achieve among the best results in the County and often pursue English at university.


Educational visits are key part of the teaching of English at St George's. Besides visiting the theatre events might also include, being taken on day conferences; having visiting drama groups come into school or workshops on presentation skills and poetry.

We are a department of 11 fully qualified English specialist teachers for whom teaching English is not just a job but a joy. It is our joint aim to bring proficiency and pleasure to all our students.