We aim to:

  • * Make history fascinating and fun.
  • * Develop students’ understanding of the world as it was and is today


Our Key Stage Three syllabus has a pronounced emphasis on skills and themes, stressing the importance of using evidence critically. We aim to create an understanding of a range of diverse cultures, languages and opinions. The development of democracy, the role of power and conflict are also given emphasis, within an international framework. From Years 7 to 9 students will absorb the history of Britain from the 2nd Century onwards to frame their understanding, and will compare with similar and contrasting experiences in other countries. Topics studied range from Medieval History to looking at the Empire and conclude with studies of the 20th Century. In Year 9 our understanding of conflict is enhanced through our visit to the Normandy battlefields.

The Cambridge IGCSE History syllabus looks at some of the major international issues of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Within this, pupils undertake a Depth Study of Germany 1919-1945, as well as the crises of the interwar years, the Cold War and the Vietnam War. There is a coursework unit, constituting 27% of their overall grade, which is based on one aspect of the Germany Depth Study.

At A Level, pupils study a range of social, cultural, economic and political histories of: The British Empire 1857 – 1967; and the Birth of the USA: 1760-1800. We are following the AQA syllabus. Students also have the opportunity to study a coursework option (NEA) which accounts for 20% of their final grade. The coursework is based on a taught course of: Race Relations in the USA 1865 – 1968.

Departmental Trips

Aside from the Year 9 trip to the Second World War Battlefields of Normandy, we also run a popular trip to Berlin to support the iGCSE course. In Year 7 we also run a Medieval history trip to Warwick Castle.