Great Curry Run 2020


St. George’s began the “Curry Run” project in 2011 at the peak of UK involvement in Afghanistan, and we have raised the best part of £300,000 since then, our main beneficiary being The Soldiers’ Charity

We very much value our link to the Soldiers’ Charity, and there are two thousand wounded servicemen from the Afghanistan conflict who will need lifelong help. This year’s co-beneficiary will be Macmillan Cancer Support. There can be few families untouched by the spectre of cancer, and we see this charity as another worthy partner for our efforts.

The event will take place at St George’s on the morning of Sunday 26th April 2020. The event has the status of a “FUN RUN” for UK Athletics who provide our public liability cover. It is not officially timed or competitive. There are no prizes for finishing first, but there will be medals for all who complete the course.

  • The longest route will be 20km. This option will be open to all aged 17 years or over on the day of the event. We hope it might provide a good challenge for those who did 10km last time, or maybe did the Herts 10km in October.
  • There will also be a 10km route. This option will be open to people 15 years old or over on the day of the event.
  • Lastly, there is a 5km option. This is open to students or siblings aged 11 or over.
  • No-one below age eleven can participate as part of the “official” event, or take part in their own right. UK Athletic Regs do not cover under 11s for this distance. However, younger children can take part in the event if accompanied by a parent taking full responsibility for them and their welfare.
  • All participants must have a link to the school of some sort. This event is not open to the general public unconnected to the school.

Many school staff are walking instead of running. Many runners will be walking by the end.  We welcome anyone with a connection to the school, from parents to elder siblings to Old Georgians to ex-staff to wives and partners and children of existing staff members. We are not bothered how you seek to traverse the course or how far you do so long as it will be challenging for you and safe for others.

Everyone taking part must complete an entry form (one form per person). Every person taking part must pay their entry fee – it is not one fee per family! Without wishing to be intrusive, the attached formal entry asks you to provide the standard medical details and next of kin info that any UK Athletics Event requires, which will be held only for safety reasons for the duration of the event. Please enter the distance you plan to do on the entrance form but note that if your training doesn’t go to plan, you can downsize later.

The school website will also feature a PowerPoint illustrating photos of the route. The route will include toilets and water stations, and first aid provision will be provided by the St John’s Ambulance or the Red Cross. The route will be marked each kilometre, and points where confusion might arise and the small number of road crossings will be marshalled.

Contacting us

The easiest way to do this is to email

Training and Fitness Issues

No one should take part against medical advice or if unfit to do so. The 20km event is a long way, and no-one should take part without adequate training, which you need to get going with now. Should you wish to do some Gym work as part of your preparation, you might wish to contact the St George’s Sports Centre.  If you want to run with others, visit who run every Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  Please go to their site for more information.


There is an expectation that you will raise £100 sponsorship for the Soldier’s Charity or Macmillan if you attempt the 20km; £50 if you attempt 10km; or £20 if you attempt 5km. If you are fundraising as a double act, or team, or family, you need to bear those guidelines in mind and set a target that is “fair” for you and the event. You should not apply unless you are happy with these terms and conditions, and if you wish to fund raise for a different charity or cause, this is not the event for you: there are plenty of other events which are a free for all.

In terms of fundraising there are three mechanisms which you can follow.

  1. Collect cash donations or cheques payable to St George’s School, and bring them in to our Finance Office, making clear they are for the Great Curry Run 2020
  2. Set up a donation page on You will first be asked the name of your charity: search for The Soldier’s Charity or Macmillan, and designate that as your charity. Click that you are doing a personal challenge, and choose the name of your page and your target sum. In terms of donor psychology, it may be best to designate quite a small target, so that each donor feels they are making a decent leap towards it: you can always go back later and ramp up your target.  We would advise students not to include their full name (forename and surname) in the title of their JustGiving page, especially if they include photos of themselves.

You need to link your individual page to our team Great Curry Run 2020. This will enable you to set your own individual fund raising target and see your donations add up, whilst we still get an immediate sense of how our collective efforts are going. To tag your page to the team, you then log on to and click on the link to tag your page to the team. You will see a list of people who have already done this, their individual target, and their progress towards target.

         3. Ask donors to contribute by text or other new media: “JustGiving” shows you how to do this, how to connect to                     Facebook, how to tweet about it, and all manner of things.

It may be that some of you run businesses or work for employers which donate to charity as part of their community vision or as part of a tax write-off. Some companies offer matched funding arrangements for employees doing fund-raising. Do explore such opportunities if you can.

After party

We have got ahead of ourselves and booked the New Taj Mahal restaurant on Station Road for 60 people at 7pm on the 26th April so that we can get together and toast our successful completion of the event. This is likely to be the best bit! Don’t forget to train for this element too.

Best wishes and well done on your boldness in getting this far.

Paddy Storrie

Deputy Head