Physical Education

We aim to:

  • Develop essential physical skills, fitness and confidence in each individual, regardless of ability.
  • Give everyone the chance to work collaboratively either in a competitive team or just for enjoyment.
  • Improve mental and physical co-ordination.
  • Teach a better understanding of health and the skills to use, enjoy and benefit from leisure and exercise.


The school has a state of the art Sports Hall with an extensive fitness area and two new PE teaching classrooms. There are also four hard tennis courts, three netball courts and extensive pitches for rugby and lacrosse in Winter, and cricket, athletics and rounders in Summer. We are fortunate that all the facilities are on site within the school grounds. In addition, the school has established close links with many external organisations and a growing number of pupils have connections with local rugby and athletic clubs, Harpenden Lacrosse Club, Harpenden Netball Club, Harpenden Sports Centre, Harpenden RFC and Harpenden Cricket Club.

At Key Stage 3 the pupils study a balanced range of games and individual activities. This is extended into Key Stage 4 where pupils get some flexibility in the activities they participate in with a part set, part option, set up. Pupils in the Sixth Form get the opportunity to participate in Physical Activity on site every week. An option system operates creating more flexibility for our students.

GCSE PE is a popular choice in the examination options offered to Years 10 and 11. This course offers pupils the opportunity to study a number of sports and associated areas in depth, as well as learning more of the theoretical aspects of games and health related fitness.

The School also offers A Level PE. This course involves both practical and theoretical components and allows the student a greater understanding of human movement and performance. This course offers an excellent background for pupils interested in a sports related career.


St George's is understandably proud of its competitive tradition and encourages all pupils to participate fully in the many school teams. Too often competitive sport is criticised as being elitist, but here we hope the opportunities for competition are many and varied. We have Inter House matches, fixtures against other schools which regularly include B and C teams and many of our pupils (in all years) represent Hertfordshire in County teams. A few pupils also represent their sport at Divisional and National levels.

In the Winter all age groups play Lacrosse, Netball, Rugby and Basketball and in the Summer all age groups participate in Athletics, Cricket, Tennis and Rounders.

There are a variety of clubs held during the Winter and Summer seasons that welcome participation by all pupils.

Over the year the PE Department is extremely busy and runs over fifty teams with the help of other colleagues. St George's gives many opportunities to its pupils so that when they leave they have hopefully found an interest to captivate them for life no matter what their ability level is. It therefore really does mean we 'educate for life'.