PSHCEE reflects whole school aims to provide a caring Christian community in which young people can learn to respect themselves and others, as well as take responsibility for their own actions.

We aim to:

  • Prepare students for life after school.
  • Develop self-knowledge and awareness.
  • Increase the knowledge and understanding of society, its laws and systems.
  • Enable individuals to become good citizens through the examination and evaluation of moral duties and responsibilities commensurate with living in society.
  • Emphasise the importance of consideration for others as the most important principle of any community.
  • Teach skills of personal decision making, problem solving and self-confidence in the context of social relationships.


Every aspect of PSHCEE is relevant to, if not an integral part of, the whole school curriculum. Every teacher and tutor has a part to play in the delivery of PSHCEE in its widest sense. The school timetable enables each year group to have a one hour long period of PSHCEE (including the discrete Citizenship lessons) every fortnight. PSHCEE is taught formally to all students by PSHCEE staff in mixed ability groups.

The topics covered fall under four main headings: Citizenship; Health Education; Careers; Sex and Relationships Education.

In each year a whole range of issues, information and skills are covered. These topics range from a consideration of the school rules and codes of conduct in the first term of Year 7, through to puberty and personal care. From Year 9 onwards, Careers Education becomes an integral part of the course.

Issues like bullying, relationships and drugs awareness are specific ‘Study Units’ for every year of the course. Each of these units is covered during subsequent years, with an increasing degree of depth in terms of information and discussion. Every student is issued with a folder so that their written work and information can be filed and kept as a record of each year’s work.