Transition from Year 6 to Year 7

Dear Year 6 students, parents and carers,

Firstly I would like to extend a really warm welcome to you – we look forward to a long and happy association over the coming years. My name is Caroline Edmunds and it is my job to see that transition runs as smoothly as possible for our Year 6 students. As you might imagine, that has become a something of a challenge this year.

Virtual Primary School Visit

We have put together a presentation that covers the things we would normally talk to Year 6 about when we visit them in their primary schools. CLICK HERE to watch the presentation. It is anticipated that parents and carers will work through the presentation together with their Year 6 students. This is because all the research suggests that transition – especially in the current lock-down situation – is less stressful and more productive when parents/carers are involved and talking and sharing with the year 6 students. There is also a lot of information, and this will be more accessible to year 6 with an adult on board. You might want to break it into 2 or 3 sessions depending on the student you are working with. We have also put together a couple of video clips that we feel will help Year 6 to feel more confident about joining us in September. CLICK HERE to watch our virtual tour of the school and  CLICK HERE to watch our ‘day in the life’ video.

Upcoming Events

We have a second hand uniform sale at school on Saturday 11th July. CLICK HERE for more details. School Starter Packs can be ordered and collected from Mrs Balmer in the School Shop and you will have details of this in your school offer pack.

Unfortunately, this year, we are unable to run the Lacrosse and Rugby taster sessions that would usually happen the Saturday after Induction Day. We hope to have something similar available in September.

…And Finally

I am sure you and year 6 have a myriad of questions – which we have done our best to answer in the Virtual Primary Visit and the New Parents’ Pack. However, should you not find the answer in either of them please email me at cedmunds@stgeorge’ I will do my best to respond as quickly as possible – viruses and holidays permitting. I look forward to meeting all our new transition students and their families in due course, until then I wish you all a very happy summer.


With best regards

Caroline Edmunds