Christian Ethos

We at St George’s are a Non-Denominational, State Day and Boarding school set in the Hertfordshire countryside. Whilst we stand on our distinctively Christian message, we aim to focus on what unites us as human beings, created in the image of God.

Historically, from our founder (Rev Cecil Grant) and through generations of leadership to the present day (Miss Helen Barton) St George’s has always endeavoured to keep to our Christian foundation.

Faith - Our Christian faith informs us as we seek to lead St George’s with kindness and compassion.

Belief - Our Christian belief inspires us to be a community that ‘puts on’ love and gentleness in our daily dealings with each other.

Teaching - Our Christian teaching instructs us in our values and our worldview.

Hope - Our Christian hope illuminates us to see those around us as unique image bearers of Christ.

Ultimately, we seek to send out generations, who by their character shall leave the society in which they live, the better for their presence and hence the world much nearer the Kingdom (Dr. Watts)