Student Leadership

Only a relative handful of our students receive the rewards of leadership. St George’s has such a high calibre intake of prospective leaders and highly responsible students that selecting a few for “Prefectship” or House or School Captain, is always a tough decision, inevitably leaving perfectly able students disappointed at their lack of appointment.

New to St George’s?  Do not despair at gaining status! Annually, many new Georgians have been made Prefects, House Captains, School Captains or Deputy School Captains, Boarding Prefects or Boarding Captains! Be pro-active, join in!

The roles comprise of:

School Captains

The School Captains represent the Headmistress and her deputies in a range of ways.  This may include making speeches at Open Evening, giving votes of thanks to visitors, reading in Chapel, delivering Assemblies, representing the Headmistress or the student body and organising whole School events, such as Education for Africa Day.

School Captains


Hello, my name is Isabel and I feel very fortunate to be one of the School Captains here at St George’s. I am currently studying English Literature, History and Economics at A-Level with the aspiration to read Law at university. No one can really articulate what it is that makes our school so incredibly special, but as soon as you arrive here you belong to a real community. The school has not only given me an excellent education, but has, through wider aspects of school life, shaped me into the person I am today. By providing me with numerous opportunities, ranging from representing the school on the lacrosse pitch to immersing myself in the chaos of House Music competitions, I could not have asked for a better platform to allow me to grow into a well-rounded individual. I am so grateful for these experiences and hope that our actions as the Executive Team can begin to give back to a school that has given us so much. I’m so excited to be working with the amazing Senior Prefect Team and can’t wait to see what this year brings.


Hello, my name is Isaac and I’m one of the School Captains here at St George’s. I am studying Maths, Economics and Religious Studies with the hope to study Law at University. For me, life at St George’s has been wonderful and an experience that I will never forget. As well as helping me to academically thrive, St George’s has provided me with countless opportunities to develop as an individual. Whether that was through the many different House events, such as House Drama or House Quiz, the countless extra-curricular activities or through the school motto – ‘Aim Higher’. I’m thrilled to be working alongside the other School Captains this year and can’t wait to support the St George’s community as we embark on this next year of our academic journey. 

Deputy School Captains

The Deputy School Captains deputise for the School Captains and assist them in their roles. This may include organising the Charity Carol singing event, assisting with the organisation of the Senior Prefect Week of Fun, the Prefect Dinner and whole School student-led events. 

Deputy School Captains


Hi, my name is Ben, and I am one of the Deputy School Captains here at St George’s. I am currently studying Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry, with the hope of studying Natural Sciences at university in the future. I have loved getting involved in all aspects of school life over my time here, from playing senior rugby, to enduring the painful experience that is the house cross-country competition, or in my current role as part of the Senior Prefect Team. This year, I am looking forward to working with the rest of the St George’s community to make our school an even more special place for everyone here.  


Hi my name is Eliza and I’m so excited to fulfil my role as one of the Deputy School Captains. I am currently studying English literature, Geography, and Government and Politics and am looking to read law at university. In addition to my studies I enjoy representing my school in the first lacrosse team and engaging in school debates. I am so grateful to be able to work with such an amazing team of school captains and prefects alike. I am looking forward to seeing where this year takes us and how to make the most of every situation we may face. 

Boarding Captains


Boarding Captains

Hello! We are Ryan and Kitan and we are the boarding captains for 2020/2021. As heads of the boarding community, we are making sure all students are getting the most out of their boarding experiences. We have a big role in community involvement in aspects of boarding and we look forward to developing relationships with students across various year groups. Unfortunately there are limited opportunities for boarding events this year, nevertheless we are excited to make this a memorable year for us and everyone else!

House Captains

Linked to the Head of House, House Captains are the public face of the House.  They assist the Head of House in a range of activities.  This may include monitoring Prefect duties and the work of the responsibility system, undertaking book looks and Prep book checks, distributing School and House office materials, completing office administration information, helping to organise House Assembly with the Head of House and representing the House at School functions.

Deputy House Captains deputise for the House Captains and will take on similar duties.  They may also help to manage the House office preparing House lists, filing, assisting with typing, updating the House notice boards overseeing the organising of the locker system, taking minutes of meetings and a range of other tasks. House Captains and Deputy House Captains make up the House Senior Team

Monk House Captains

House Captains Deputy House Captains

Hello! We are Jack, Millie, Fraser and Mary – and we are thrilled to be your new House Captains. Our house operates on three main principles; self-regulation, kindness and empathy. As a House these values are of great importance not only within Monk, but externally too. As your new House Captains, we aim to lead by example whilst also being there for anyone and everyone who needs our support. The house is named after Bertram Monk who died valiantly pointing towards the enemy in WW1. Following in his footsteps, as House Captains we strive to reflect his selflessness within our community, each bringing unique ideas towards our roles echoing the diverse skill sets within the house. We look forward to seeing this house thrive and flourish over the coming year and we are honoured to represent Monk House.

Goddard House Captains

House Captains Deputy House Captains

We are Ella, Adam, Sadie and Fin, this years Goddard House Captains. From leading a section of House Assembly each week to being involved in House Events, we endeavour to include each and every member of the House, from year 7 to year 13. Despite the current pandemic, we have continued to do this, branching out onto different social media platforms, producing videos and content to engage with the students. It is through this united community that we will work as a team, bringing the Gruffalo to victory by winning the Endeavour Cup this year!

Watts House


House Captains Deputy House Captains

Hello! We are Jonty, Temi, Noah and Izzy and we are super excited to be your House Captains this year! Here in Watts House (the best house) we are incredibly determined to motivate and encourage all Wattonians and hope to achieve a House ethos that reflects the ideals of Dr Watts: enthusiasm, loyalty and most of all, winning the House Endeavour Cup! With the help of the Prefect team, we aim to ensure everyone is given a chance to utilise their talents and abilities and keep Watts House as the friendly and welcoming community it is. We hope to bring out the best in each member of the House and are really looking forward to working together with everyone this year and achieve success in whatever we do!

Grant House


House Captains Deputy House Captains

Hello! We are Alex, Zahra, Georgia and Alex and we are your Grant House Captains for the year of 2020/21. We are extremely privileged and excited to serve Grant House this year, working with our fellow prefects and Grantonians to make this year a great one. As a four we strive to create a welcoming community for students and encourage all Grantonians to strive for greatness! Our prefect team are dedicated to improve the students experience in Grant, hoping to brighten someone’s day and put a smile their face! We have combined our unique skill sets, ideas and personalities to bring our community together to bring the House to victory in the Endeavour cup!


The Prefects are linked to the House Captains and Deputy House Captains.  They carry out duties on behalf of the School, including lunch and break duties and School tours. Prefects head up a specific responsibility area: Social, Charity, Community, Publicity, Development, Promotions.


Sports Captains

Responsible for appointing teams for the House Sporting Competitions.  They must also organise practices and ensure that teams play.  They also encourage those in the younger years to get involved by giving them opportunities to be a part of House teams or be a part of the practices.


Drama Captains

Responsible for co-ordinating House Drama Competitions, for running a House Drama Club, overseeing the House directors during the House Drama Competition and organising drama for House Assemblies. They also encourage those in the younger years to get involved by giving them opportunities to be a part of drama events including House Assemblies.


Music Captains

Responsible for co-ordinating House Music Competitions, for running musical events and organising music for House Assemblies.  They also encourage those in the younger years to get involved by giving them opportunities to be a part of music events including House Assemblies.