Student Leadership


Only a relative handful of our students receive the rewards of leadership. St George’s has such a high calibre intake of prospective leaders and highly responsible students that selecting a few for “Prefectship” or House or School Captain, is always a tough decision, inevitably leaving perfectly able students disappointed at their lack of appointment.

New to St George’s?  Do not despair at gaining status! Annually, many new Georgians have been made Prefects, House Captains, School Captains or Deputy School Captains, Boarding Prefects or Boarding Captains! Be pro-active, join in!

The roles comprise of:

School Captains

The School Captains represent the Headmistress and her deputies in a range of ways.  This may include making speeches at Open Evening, giving votes of thanks to visitors, reading in Chapel, delivering Assemblies, representing the Headmistress or the student body and organising whole School events, such as Education for Africa Day.

School Captains


Hey everyone! My name is Laila and I am fortunate enough to be one of the School Captains at St George’s for 2024/2025. I have only joined St George’s this year, so I feel truly privileged to play such an amazing role within our school community.

Since my first day at St George’s, I felt the warm inclusivity of the students. The unity of the students and the shared mindset of ‘Aiming Higher’ is reflected in all aspects of our school life. I hope that as a School Captain, I can continue to encourage this mentality, through working with Mirabel, Max and Mylo, as well as our House Captains & prefect teams.

Although my time at St George’s has not been very long, I am very grateful for all the opportunities & experiences that I have been offered. Being a part of many of the smaller societies has allowed me to meet new people & really become a part of our tight-knit community. It is an honour to be able to represent the school & dedicate my time in order to give back & have a positive impact on our student body. I hope to be able to become an approachable & familiar face to our students & do as much as I can for our community over the upcoming year!


Hello, my name is Max and I am truly honoured to be one of your School Captains for the 2024/2025 academic year. I am studying Politics, Economics and Geography and I also thoroughly enjoy being part of our Senior Rugby Team. The privilege to represent you all is not one I take lightly and I’m really excited to be both a custodian and changemaker for a place that has given me so much over the last six years.

Along with Laila, Mylo, Mirabel, the House Captains and our Prefect team, we aim to realise the full potential of the St George’s community, blending tradition with change to develop and evolve everyone's experience with you, the students, at the very centre of all that we do. We hope to use our varied skill sets to serve our school community, inspiring and leading every step of the way to drive progression, standards and inclusion at every opportunity whilst being approachable faces for your ideas, suggestions, opinions or feedback.

The goal for any school captain is to leave both the role and the St George’s community in an even better way than it was gifted to you. This is something I will strive for throughout the next year and I am extremely excited to work with you all over the coming months.


Hi, my name is Mirabel! I have been given the great opportunity of being one of your St George’s School Captains for the 2024/25 academic year. I currently study History, Politics and Economics with the interest of studying Law at University.

I joined in year 9 as a first-time boarder. I was very scared at first but pushed myself to this new challenge. I have never felt more welcomed to a school than at St George’s. It is more than a school to me; it’s a family. A sense of unity and equal opportunity is present. Being put in a house makes you feel like you're in a smaller family where you feel closely aligned to your head of house. The competitive spirit in this school drives me to aim higher in personal development and academics.

I feel understood and valued as an individual. Boarding has made me more independent and disciplined. The training and ethos here align with my family upbringing and the philosophies of my parents. As a family, me and my siblings were challenged to be respectful, supportive, hardworking, morally and ethically upright. I see these attributes aligned with the expectations of St. George’s.

As School Captain, I understand the need for service beyond self, by serving my school and showing gratitude to the school that shaped me from a clueless year 9 to a well-rounded year 12 with goals and aims. The Christian values make it exciting to be part of a friendly, resilient, outstanding environment providing opportunities for all, no matter who you are. St George’s builds up not just an excellent student but a morally correct student.

As School Captain, I hope to make everyone feel welcomed and included. I hope to be the voice for students by introducing any change that needs to be made.  In my resilience,  I hope to encourage all students and be a role model to them.


Hello everyone, my name is Mylo, and I am delighted to represent you and the school for the 2024/25 academic year. I am taking biology, chemistry, and geography A levels, and my ambition is to study medicine at university. Back when I was a year seven, I always thought the school captains were really cool. Now, stepping into the role as a year twelve, I feel privileged to be able to make a profound difference on the school and its students.

Being school captain is a great honour. I aim to be a ‘guardian’ of the St George’s family, not only upholding the core values of the school, but upholding its key constituent - the student body. Without its students, a school is just a building, so serving the needs of all pupils is my job. I’ll give you my best, doing a good and thorough job, whatever the weather. As much as I can, I’ll aim to put the student body first in decision making and hold its welfare with significant value.

To top it all off, I look forward to working with my fellow ‘guardians’, Max, Mirabel, and Laila. I’m sure we’ll smash it and make this year one to remember for the entire school community. Also, I hope our work with the house captains and wider prefect team runs smoothly and as issue-free as possible. I know we’ll make a fantastic team and have a real impact on our school.

Boarding Captains


Boarding Captains

Hello! We are Isi and Ivor, St George’s boarding captains for the 24-25 academic year.

Taking on this role we look to listen to students while we adjust and improve ourselves in coherence with the needs of the boardings houses we have on site here at St George’s. 

We aim to represent our houses (Keswick and Crosthwaite) whilst also upholding the schools thriving boarding community.

We are very excited to be your new boarding captains and cannot wait for what is to come this year. 

House Captains

Linked to the Head of House, House Captains are the public face of the House.  They assist the Head of House in a range of activities.  This may include monitoring Prefect duties and the work of the responsibility system, undertaking book looks and Prep book checks, distributing School and House office materials, completing office administration information, helping to organise House Assembly with the Head of House and representing the House at School functions.

Deputy House Captains deputise for the House Captains and will take on similar duties.  They may also help to manage the House office preparing House lists, filing, assisting with typing, updating the House notice boards overseeing the organising of the locker system, taking minutes of meetings and a range of other tasks. House Captains and Deputy House Captains make up the House Senior Team

Monk House Captains

Hello everyone! We are your Monk House Captains: Dan, Olivia, Georgia, and Yaseen. We are so grateful for this opportunity to work together and guide our incredible house's future. As proud Monk House representatives, we look forward to serving the school whilst being an approachable face to come and talk to, whenever you need us. Being part of Monk means we value kindness, compassion and integrity and we want the whole school to be exposed to the Monk House spirit and what we are all about. We are excited to lead the thriving Monk community, and we hope to inspire the house to reach new heights, go for things that were never before thought possible and win the Endeavour Cup. Let's get out there and show them who we are. Go Monk!

Goddard House Captains

Hello! We are your Goddard House Captains: Tom, Theo, Evie, and Elise. We are extremely excited to represent Goddard and work together as a team to ensure we remain the greatest house !! We will strive to bring out the excellence in student, whether it be academics, sport, music, art or drama. As your house captains we hope to embody the Goddard spirit of determination, creativity and commitment in the pursuit of another Endeavor Cup win!! Go Goddard!

Watts House


Hello everyone, we are Alex, Emily, Emily and Lexi, and we are delighted to be your new Watts House Captains for 2024-25! We are excited to bring together our unique individualities not only to our prefect team, but to our team in Watts House. We hope to reflect the courage and determination of the Watts lion in every house event throughout the coming year, hoping to bring the Endeavour Cup back to where it belongs. We are honoured to represent the senior body of our house, and thus work to inspire the younger years to put themselves out there, and ultimately ‘Aim Higher’!

Grant House

Hello! We are Lucy, Evie, Poppy and Ife and we are your Grant House Captains for 2024-25. We are so excited to be representing and inspiring our incredible house community, and getting everyone involved in making sure Grant is the best it can be - and hopefully bring home a long-awaited Endeavour Cup win! We look forward to working with you all, from the new Year 7s all the way up to our awesome prefect team, and to have a lot of fun along the way! We hope we can make Grant House a place where we all help and support each other: through day-to-day challenges as well as House Events. We can’t wait to see what we can achieve!


The Prefects are linked to the House Captains and Deputy House Captains.  They carry out duties on behalf of the School, including lunch and break duties and School tours. Prefects head up a specific responsibility area: Social, Charity, Community, Publicity, Development, Promotions.


Sports Captains

Responsible for appointing teams for the House Sporting Competitions.  They must also organise practices and ensure that teams play.  They also encourage those in the younger years to get involved by giving them opportunities to be a part of House teams or be a part of the practices.


Drama Captains

Responsible for co-ordinating House Drama Competitions, for running a House Drama Club, overseeing the House directors during the House Drama Competition and organising drama for House Assemblies. They also encourage those in the younger years to get involved by giving them opportunities to be a part of drama events including House Assemblies.


Music Captains

Responsible for co-ordinating House Music Competitions, for running musical events and organising music for House Assemblies.  They also encourage those in the younger years to get involved by giving them opportunities to be a part of music events including House Assemblies.