Day Houses

To enhance its family atmosphere, the School is divided into four Day Houses.

Students develop multiple loyalties over their time with us but loyalty to their House probably trumps all else. Sometimes referred to as a ‘School within a School’ the Houses are the backbone of our school and are woven into its DNA.  This helps us to know each child better and to increase the family feeling within the School. We expect senior leaders to know all students; Heads of House to know them well; and every student to feel understood and valued as an individual. This includes the House looking after their learning needs and achievement, as well as being the first point of contact for emotional and mental health and social and medical needs.

Tutor groups are organised into Lower School (Year 7 and 8), Middle School (Years 9,10 and 11) and Upper School (Years 12 and 13). Thus a child will stay within one House and might have only three tutors in seven years, and children can integrate well with older and younger students. 

Each House has a group of prefects and these senior pupils play a major part in the organisation of the many Inter-House activities and competitions that form the Chapman Cup. They also play an important part in settling-in new pupils. Our pupils are our greatest asset and we do our best to look after them.

Grant House


The Rev Cecil Grant was the founder of St George's School and its first headmaster from 1907 until his retirement in 1936. He was deputy Headmaster of Keswick School and brought with him the ethos of Keswick as well as the Keswick school song. His plan was to set up a co-educational boarding school founded on Christian principles. This was very forward-thinking for 1907. Grant believed that the family offers the best possible environment for children's education as well as their upbringing. Grant House tries to continue this family-oriented principle within St George's.

Grant  Acting Head of House: Mr A Muriss, Deputy Head of House : Miss C Carter- Crosby
  House Pastoral Assistant: Mrs Michaela Robinson
Upper School: Mr M Buckley
  Mrs P Emeny 
  Mrs R Potter 
  Mr S Tweeddale
Middle School: Miss C Carter-Crosby  
  Mrs S Russell & Mrs S Pearson
  Mrs A Williamson & Mrs H Goatly
  Mrs E Jones
  Mrs A Wadhams 
Lower School: Miss L Crombie & Mrs K Farr
  Miss M Laker 
  Miss L Cast
  Mrs C Voica & Mrs E Cantwell

Goddard House


Goddard House is named after John Lister Goddard, a former pupil at St George’s who fought in the First World War and gave his life for his country in 1916. Goddard is made up of a team of 18 tutors and over 330 pupils and we are always striving to improve, do our best, and see our members reach their full potential.

Goddard Head of House: Mr J Day, Deputy Head of House : Mr J Ellis 
  House Pastoral Assistant: Miss S Hills
Upper school: Miss T Ashwell 
  Mrs N Fox
   Mr K Reynolds
  Mrs E Sabato
Middle School: Miss E Sayers & Miss F Smith
  Mr A Clark  &  Mrs L Crookell-Slade
  Mr K Reynolds
  Mrs J Marsh & Ms M Clough
  Miss R Sugden  
Lower School: Mr T Bensley 
  Miss T Linsell  & Mrs M Cullis
  Miss J Foster 
  Mrs L Terry & Mrs V Sweeney

Watts House


A school does not exist to send out men and women solely to play a part in life whereby they achieve a competence and honourable life of useful work and even a modicum of fame, but it exists to send out for posterity and for their own generation, men and women who by their character shall leave the society in which they live the better for their presence and hence the world much nearer the Kingdom

Watts Acting Head of House: Mr N Harris, Deputy Head of House : Mr A Macintosh 
  House Pastoral Assistant: Miss L Kemp-Robertson
Upper School: Mrs L Holton-Gaus 
  Mrs M Starling
  Miss A Kelly
  Mrs C Turner 
Middle School:  Mrs M Stearn 
  Mr  D Overton
  Miss A Hartley & Miss N Walker 
  Mr J Burrett 
  Miss G Brooke & Mrs N Baxter
Lower School: Mrs J Taylor & Mr C Lumsden
  Mrs S Keates 
  Mrs C Edmunds 
  Mrs J Povey & Mr M Lear

Monk House


Monk House is named after Bertram Monk, who was an Old Georgian who died heroically pointing the way to the enemy leading his men in World War One. Since then Monk House has flourished with consistently high standards in all house events. In recent years we are most known for our achievement in house music, chess and cross-country running.

Monk  Head of House: Mr D Ede, Deputy Head of House : Miss L Smith
  House Pastoral Assistant: Mrs A Soule
Upper School: Mrs J Dodds
  Mr R Browne
  Mr D Rees 
  Mrs J Crossland 
Middle School: Mrs K Ariss 
  Mrs J Maddock 
  Mr N Harris 
  Ms L McCarthy & Dr P Hess
  Miss D Skendraoui 
Lower School: Mrs K Mistry 
  Miss E Sweeney & Mrs J Slade
  Mr S Wallace
  Mrs F Chalkley