Sixth Form

At St George’s we aim to provide a wide and varied selection of courses as well as a learning environment that will enable our students to succeed and leave here well prepared for the next stage in their lives and ready to fulfil their potential. Our success in AS and A Level examinations, together with the positive life in the Sixth Form, are testaments to the School’s ethos and excellent educational outcomes. We passionately believe in promoting intellectual rigour, personal resilience, leadership and versatility.  These principles will allow our students to lead fulfilled happy lives and contributed significantly to Ofsted describing St George's as "a thriving and cohesive learning community" in their 2014 report.

In order to achieve this, each student at St George’s needs to be prepared to work hard, be part of our community, contribute to it and take responsibility for their choices and actions. These are demanding expectations but time has proven them to be worthy of mastering.

Our aim is to provide a structured framework in which excellent learning can take place. There are no short cuts to academic success. Study and regular, punctual attendance are requirements, as they would be in any work place. A student's timetable will be a full and demanding one. Periods which are not taught will be directed study time in which students will work on specific tasks set by staff in each of their main subjects and, when required, contribute to the wider School community. This means that student life at St George’s is high tempo and very rewarding.

The Sixth Form experience can be a vital one in shaping a student's personal development. As far as they are consistent with the demands of independent study and meeting homework deadlines, an extensive range of activities is also encouraged. Sport, music and drama are prominent features in the School calendar and we expect full and active participation in such events.

We look forward to the prospect of working with our senior students as they make a substantial contribution to the corporate life of the School and its wider community. Flagship events such as the Endeavour Cup (our Inter-House competition comprising of some 26 different competitions, including House Music, Sports, Drama, Dance, Photography and much, much more), The Great Curry Run, Choir, Orchestra and the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme all add to the unique opportunity of the St George’s experience.

At St George’s we pride ourselves in the fact that our Sixth Formers develop excellent leadership skills by taking on responsibility for running teams, producing and organising public events, and continuing their participation in the life of the Chapel. Without this contribution, the life of our community, based as it is on a Christian ethos, which stresses the nurturing of caring and responsible individuals, would be seriously diminished. The Sixth Form is a most vital part of the “family of the School”.