St George’s is a multi-denominational Christian foundation with a full time Christian school chaplain. Reverend Cecil Grant, the School’s founder, wanted a school for children of all Christian denominations; therefore the student body represents a wide range of Christian beliefs and practices and the Chapel represents the beating heart of the School. The school holds an annual confirmation service and it is not at all unusual for staff members and ex students to marry in our chapel, which has also hosted christenings. It is a special space.

All students attend one chapel service as part of their weekly routine, and students in Years 7 to 11 attend Sunday chapels on three occasions every term. The services offer a range of worship styles to cater for students of all backgrounds, ranging from Catholic masses to informal evening worship. Parents are most welcome to attend Sunday services with their children. Many families choose to do this. We want to challenge our students to think about their beliefs and where worship sits within them. We are delighted that even junior students often feel they have something to say in leading worship, and that their peers are just as keen to listen.