Curriculum & Learning

“A School does not exist to send out men and women solely to play a part in life whereby they achieve a competence and honourable life of useful work, but it exists to send out for posterity and for their own generation, men and women who by their character shall leave the society in which they live, the better for their presence and hence the world much nearer the Kingdom.”

Dr. Watts, 1936

Nearly one hundred years later, all that we do as a School continues to reflect Dr Watts’ philosophy of education. At St George’s we firmly believe that everything we deliver and undertake has some learning potential.  We believe that knowledge and skills can be gained through a variety of learning opportunities, both in the classroom and beyond, and that our whole school experience allows for a continuum of learning that enable us a community to meet our vision of “Aim Higher”.

St. George’s School, recognises that all pupils are entitled to a Curriculum which is characterised by breadth, balance, coherence, and of relevance both to themselves and the world they live in.  We seek to deliver a Curriculum that satisfies pupil choice, provides challenge and meets the needs of all those in our care. We seek to provide an equitable experience for all children and a Curriculum diet that is broad and balanced. This must be achieved efficiently and effectively within the available resources.

Further information is available in our Curriculum and Learning Framework