Day Admissions

Admission Arrangements for St George's School-September 2021 - July 2022

St George’s School recognises that churches and places of Worship have been closed since 23rd March and therefore it has not been possible to maintain the continuous two year attendance at church required for the Criterion 5 of the school’s Admissions Policy.

As a guidance the school, in conjunction with the church community, is likely to amend the church letter to accept a gap in the monthly attendance that will cover the period that the churches have been closed due to Government intervention.  This period is still to be confirmed, as churches remain closed.  Once the Government allows churches to re-open, the school would still expect to see monthly attendance for a minimum of two years excluding the period when churches were closed.  The school’s church letter will need to be ratified by Governors once the period of closure is known.

During the period that churches are closed the school would not expect the churches to take a registrar of remote attendance such as Zoom sessions or that the 24 monthly sessions are made up through additional services.

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From September 2019 St Georges will have a PAN of 170 day and 10 boarding places in Year 7.  The school cannot always straightforwardly fill and appropriately accommodate 10 places for boarders of Year 7 age. During Years 7, 8, 9, and 10 additional boarding spaces can be filled, to progressively make good the shortfall between the boarding PAN and the number of boarders taken into Year 7. The school may increase the number of places available over PAN to Day students in exceptional circumstances. In all cases, places are offered in sequence to those at the top of the continuing interest list for day places, in a transparent process in consultation with HCC.

For Day Admissions , including admissions outside of Secondary Transfer, please contact the Day Admissions Officer on:

Determined Entry Criteria for Day Admissions 2021/2022

Due to COVID19 all forms relating to a September 2021 Year 7 application are currently being amended.  The new forms will be available from the website from Thursday 1st October 2020.

Determined Admission Arrangements for St George's School for September 2020 

Please do not use for current applications 

For Day Admissions and admissions outside of Secondary Transfer, please contact the Day Admissions Officer on:

Due to COVID19 the church form is currently being amended for applications for September 2021