July Transition Day

Transition Day will take place on Thursday 11th July arriving 8.30-45am to 3.10pm

All new Yr 7 students are invited to join our Induction Day. This day at St George’s gives students a taster of what to expect: a variety of lessons, meeting tutors, moving around school, meeting new friends and teachers and having school lunch. They have an enjoyable day and go home with a variety of work, photographs and experiences.

Throughout the day they are accompanied by some of our 6th form prefects who act as guides and escorts and arrange the lunchtime activities. When they return to us in September they are returning to friendly faces they will recognise and 
a school that they are already beginning to feel familiar with.

Please ensure that your child is dropped off and collected at the Sun Lane entrance. They will need to bring writing equipment and training shoes.  The children will be met by the House Captains and Prefects who will introduce them to members of their Tutor group.  They will also meet their Head of House and Tutor.  On this occasion, members of their Tutor group will show them round the school and explain to them what being a member of St George's involves.  The local Junior Schools will be informed of these arrangements.  Lunch on the day will be provided.  We provide a vegetarian and meat option for your child during the visit.  Should your child have special dietary requirements or would prefer a packed lunch please ensure these are brought along with them on the day. You will also need to ensure your child brings something to eat and drink at break, as lunchtime does not start until 1pm.  A snack can also be purchased at break, this costs £1.50.  Please ensure they are equipped with the right change.

Transition Evening will take place on Thursday 11th July 7.30pm

Parents of new Year 7 starters are invited to learn more about St George's and the arrangements for new pupils in September.  Please enter the school by the Carlton Road entrance and make your way to the Dining Hall.  If you are unfamiliar with the school students and staff will around to help.  Although the formal part of the evening does not begin until 7.30pm, please arrive from 7.15pm in order to receive further information sheets and speak with representatives of the teaching staff. There will be an opportunity to meet your Head of House and Tutor.  We are sorry that on this occasion, we are unable to invite your child because of the lack of space - it really is an evening for parents!  As with all school events, it is anticipated that there will be little parking available on site, and we would encourage you to use the car parks on Sun Lane or Bowers Way or walk to school.