Occasional Boarding


Occasional Boarding is an option made available to existing day pupils allowing them the opportunity to take advantage of the boarding provision at St George’s on, as the name would suggest, an occasional and flexible basis. 

The cost of Occasional Boarding is £60 per night.  This includes the cost of dinner and breakfast as well as accommodation in the relevant boarding house. Bags should be dropped off at 8:30am on the day of the booking. You and your child will meet the duty boarding staff at this time. At 3:40pm, your child will return to the boarding house where they will join in with the boarding routines and activities for the remainder of that day. The following morning they will have breakfast and then embark upon their normal working day having hopefully got some sleep! Bags can be left in the boarding house for collection at the end of the day. 

There will be an annual limit of 30 nights’ accommodation per pupil per academic year in order that a clear distinction between Occasional Boarding and being a full boarder. This amounts to roughly one night a week. However, there are any number of scenarios that might make it beneficial for parents to block book nights.

Although a great deal of important information about pupils required for an overnight stay will be held by the school already, we will still ask for supplementary information especially information relating to medical and dietary needs and to guardianship if you as parents as going to be outside of the UK for the period when you require occasional-boarding. Availability will be dictated by current full time boarders – if a house is running at capacity with full boarders, Occasional Boarding in that house will not be an option.

Information about what to bring, boarding buddies, mobile phones, pocket money, bedding, expectations of behaviour, house rules, routine will be emailed out ahead of any visit but it would be expected that an Occasional Boarder will arrive with a good knowledge of what is expected of them during their stay. 

Full boarders undergo a strict admissions procedure which involves them attending an interview during which we assess their 'suitability to board'. Day pupils undergo no such assessment. We will assess a pupil's suitability to board based on their conduct record in day school. This will be carried out in consultation with the pupil's head of day house who may be required to issue a brief reference in advance. We reserve the right to refuse a day pupil permission to Occasional Board.

Bookings should be made using the Occasional Boarding online booking form. Payment can be made by either through Parentpay or by bank transfer and is required in advance.  

If you would like to enquire further about Occasional Boarding at St George’s then please do not hesitate to email me at nborland@stgeorges.herts.sch.uk